Why Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning


Samantha Hirschman

Samantha Hirschman | Assistant News Co-Editor

Valentine’s Day is a day that is full of love, the color red, and happiness everywhere. But in truth, very few people care for it at all. Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about people you care about. It doesn’t only have to be about the romantic relationships. In today’s age, the day’s meaning has become more materialistic.

The day is expensive for the man in a relationship, work for the woman in the relationship, and dreadful for those who are single.

Theresa Melohn, Administrative Assistant of the Center for Academic Excellence, thinks that Valentine’s Day is ridiculous and dumb.

“Our joke is the heart shaped chocolate boxes. The chocolates are usually nasty anyway!” Melohn said.

Pointless. Mandatory. Heart-breaking. Depressing. Irritating. Expected. Useless. Disappointing.

Words like these and other words like expensive, annoying, and gross are consistently used from many people around. After listening to a group of women talk about Valentine’s Day, it was realized that very few people really enjoy the holiday. It is a day of excitement for love. Yet, a loving couple should honor their partner throughout the year, not just one special day of the year.

By remembering the story of St. Valentine, people are reminded that this day is to remember the sacrifices those make for our loved ones. The day has been changed from the true meaning to a materialistic state of mind. It is now expected to send a rose when it should be about the love behind sending the rose.

Senior Ian Grigsby also feels like we should recognize the meaning behind the material.

“It is a day to celebrate and remember the sacrifices. You should remember the love every day, but it is a day to celebrate it,” Grigsby said.

Kayla Lohse, junior Corporate Communications and Spanish major, followed the thoughts of Grigsby.

“I think that it is a good holiday to celebrate, however, I think that couples should always celebrate how they feel,” Lohse said.

Valentine’s Day may be an upsetting day for some, but those who remember the true meaning will be reminded that it is about those you care about, not only the romantic partners.