Guice brings honor to music department


Samantha Hirschman

Samantha Hirschman | Assistant News Editor

The director of the vocal music department at Buena Vista University (BVU), Dr. Merrin Guice, has been accepted for the Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting Workshop. The workshop accepts 10 conductors a year in the world.

“I will be singing, as well as conducting a choir of professionals,” Guice said. “The number one thing I hope to take away is the greater expertise. One of the faculty I will be working with is Simon Carrington, honored professor of Yale. I will be learning from him.”

Guice believes this opportunity will show honor to BVU and the music department. She feels that by having been chosen for this opportunity, it shows pride in the school(s) that trained and prepared her, as well as the students she teaches.

“There are two main things that this provides. This workshop will bring recognition to me as the professor, but it will also give the honor to the school and students I teach,” Guice said. “The main reason to do these things are for the students.”

The opportunities that are given to the professors can and should be shared with the students. Guice believes that bringing spirit and excitement to the students will allow the students to experience the enthusiasm too.

“As I learn and grow, I bring that to the students. I bring all of those things to the teaching environment. I try to build connections that will help the students,” Guice said.

Guice believes this will allow the music department to grow larger than it already has. With the Spiritual Festival quickly approaching on April 10, she knows that the Concert Choir will be beyond ready for future competitions and well-equipped for the doors this workshop will open.