BVU transitions from Angel to Canvas


Samantha Hirschman

Samantha Hirschman | Assistant News Editor

Recently, Buena Vista University (BVU) has been making the technology transition from Angel to Canvas. Teaching and Learning with Technology Center (TLTC) Manager, Jay Benedict, explains that Angel will no longer be available for use after July of 2015, but he is continuously hearing positive feedback from students about Canvas. Benedict explains that Canvas was simply better. The student functionality with Canvas is a higher level than that of Angel.

Morgan Langan, sophomore Communications major, prefers Canvas because Angel was too confusing.

Angel has been used on BVU’s campus since 2009. It has been continuously evaluated, and there has been conversation about switching programs for some time now. Benedict explained that it was a priority to find a better system; however, it was pushed aside to compensate for other priorities. For over a year, there has been a committee discussing and researching which program is the best for BVU students.

Director of the Center for Academic Excellence Donna Mussel has yet to hear many students’ feedback on the switch.

“My students during [January Interim] used it for my class, and no one seemed to have any complaints or concerns,” Mussel said.

Senior communications Chad Pribyl thinks it is very helpful that it links to email, and he likes the “to do” list, but the transition hasn’t affected him much.

As classes transition, students Langan and Pribyl showed appreciation to those teachers who have switched. They explained that it is easier now that all of their courses have switched over, rather than logging into both to check the courses.

According to several students around campus, Canvas is much more convenient and helpful in the academic setting. Canvas has an better user interface, which makes it easier to find assignments and grades. After the transition is complete, it seems that all faculty and students will be content with the change.