Why Buena Vista University is worth $40k


Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham | Opinion Co-Editor

With the announcement last week of the tuition increase, many concerns are being voiced against the raise in price. However, there are many reasons why it is still worth $40,000 to attend Buena Vista University each year.

First off, it is important to realize that 99% of students do not pay the sticker price for tuition. In the 2013-14 school year, the average price paid by students was just $18,000. That’s about half price!

The National Center for Education Statistics found that in 2012 “the median of earnings for young adults (age 25-34) with a bachelor’s degree was $46,900, while the median was $30,000 for those with a high school credential.’ That means with a college degree, you are making almost $17,000 more each year. Hey look at that, it’s pretty close to the price of tuition! By spending somewhere around $72,000 for your education, you can end up making $680,000 more throughout your 40 years of working.

Besides the fact that you will earn back the money you invest in your education at BVU, the resources and opportunities available far surpass a monetary value:

• The relationships you make with faculty: Not only do you have the ability for the professors to know your name and establish a relationship with your advisor, but also you will develop close relationships with multiple faculty members. The possibilities are endless in regards to opportunities available because of these relationships. Whether they connect you with professionals in their network, aid you in research, serve as a recommendation, notify you of opportunities, or give you life advice, these relationships are key in achieving your career goals.

• The opportunities for leadership positions: Buena Vista University’s campus is small enough where clubs and organizations provide better chances at obtaining leadership roles. Not only are these roles valuable on a résumé, but also provide real world management skills that are necessary in today’s work environment. By having essential experience in leadership roles, you stick out as a candidate for future internships and full-time positions.

• Travel opportunities: If you dream it you can achieve it. Some students come into college with plans to travel, domestically or abroad. However, it wasn’t even in consideration when I was deciding on schools. But one day I found myself traveling to Houston with IMPACT, then Colorado with Buena Vista Marketing Association, farther on to Chile as a Global Fellow, and soon I will be traveling to Utah with AWOL, then Belgium to study abroad. The catch? I only have to pay for two of those trips. There are opportunities to travel while on a college student’s budget, and BVU provides many options for varying interests.

While these points barely scratch the surface of benefits we as students of Buena Vista University enjoy, it is important to remember the value you are receiving for your investment. You could be making an extra $17,000 each year with your degree, and that’s just the average for young adults as starting salaries! By utilizing your degree and the experiences from BVU, it won’t take long before your salary starts increasing. After all, you have to spend a little to make a lot.