MOA dismay: Should you make the trip to Minnesota?


Staff Writer

Courtney Muenchow | Staff Writer

Unless you’re highly interested in endless lakes or a giant ball of twine, the Mall of America (MOA) is probably Minnesota’s largest claim to fame, and one of the few reasons tourists have to visit the state. MOA is the best place in Minnesota, and possibly the entire Midwest, for shopping indoors, people watching, and killing time in a four story mall complete with an amusement park. It’s a place you have to go to at least once, if for nothing else than just the reason of saying that you’ve been to it.

Recently, however, the mall has begun to be seen as a place that only the brave or uninformed go. With the threats of ISIS on the Mall of America, the fun attraction has taken on an undertone of danger. Many think it too risky to go see the big mall, fearing that the day they go will be the day that the mall is turned into a war zone. There was actually a video taken that named the place specifically as a possible point of attack, so it’s only natural their fear is aroused.

Although it should be taken into consideration that a threat has been issued, the Mall of America should not be completely deserted. For one, if no one went to any place that was ever threatened with attack, there would be a lot of empty space in America. Beyond that, though, it should be noted that not only are MOA shoppers aware of the threat, but so are the workers, the police, and the government. Of course they’re going to increase their levels of security. It would be stupid if they didn’t take the threat into account, and they’re not complete morons.

Taking a trip to the Mall of America should not be something that is feared. Security implements are being taken to ensure the safety of mall shoppers if something were to happen, and there’s always the chance that the threats turn out to be empty. There’s always the risk of something dangerous happening, and MOA is no exception. However, many people have been and continue to go to the mall, risking their safety and coming out just fine. Their wallets may have lost a bit of weight, but overall they are not any worse for the trip. Personally, I have been to the Mall of America more times than I count, and many of my friends have visited even more than I. Even after the threat was issued, they’ve gone back with little to no fear.

That’s not to say that the threat should be completely discarded. It is important to be aware of the current risks, no matter where you go or when you take the trip. Just because some Minnesotan-born college editorial writer says to push aside the doubts in your mind and visit the Minnesotan attraction doesn’t mean that’s the best option for you. In the end, the choice of whether or not to visit is up to you. Perhaps it’s better to play it safe and postpone the Minnesota trip until this blows over.

Maybe an alternative vacation plan is in order for the time being. If MOA isn’t worth the risk to you, you can always take up the opportunity to see a lesser known attraction: the giant ball of twine in Darwin, Minnesota. No threats have yet to be issued on that. Besides, who doesn’t love a big ol’ ball of twine?