Questions with Kyle: How do I prepare for the end of the semester?


Staff Writer

Kyle Wiebers | Staff Writer

Dear Kyle,

The end of the year is coming up quick. Can you give me some advice on how to prepare for finals and how to keep in touch with friends over the summer?

Ready for Summer

Dear Ready for Summer,

I think I speak for everyone when I say, summer can’t come soon enough! But as we all know, the only thing standing in our way of summer is finals. It has been my experience this year that cramming for tests never works out like we hope it to. Psychology studies show that when we study, we remember the information we studied first and the information we studied last. So there remains that middle part of the material that we don’t remember as well. If you spread your studying out over multiple days and study smaller amounts of the material, you’re likely to do better. Now I know that you have other things going on: clubs, organizations, and a social life. But taking 30 minutes per test to study a night is better than staying up all night the day before the test. Your friends will still be there after you get done studying,

Part of the reason you might not be studying as much is because you want to hang out with your friends as much as you can because you won’t see them for 3 months, right? That’s understandable; there are hundreds of amazing people here at BVU, and I’m sure a number of them are your friends. It’s important to check in with your friends, see how their summer is going and what they’re doing on a regular basis. With cellphones and social media, it’s easy to stay connected, you just have to make the effort to make sure that happens. Even getting their address before you leave campus to send them a letter, or send them a postcard if you go traveling somewhere is another way to stay in touch. Staying in touch with your friends will allow you to keep those beautiful relationships going, and you can continue them without missing a beat come fall.

Best of luck on your finals, remember stay in touch with your friends, and have a wonderful summer.

Wishing you the best,

Photo/graphic by Justice Gage and Tyson Jay Domingo