Obvious signs you’re a freshman at BVU


Meredith Van Zuiden

Meredith Van Zuiden | Assistant Arts + Life Editor

Welcome to a new fall semester everyone, especially our incoming freshman class! Here are a some obvious signs you’re new to BVU, for your own personal enjoyment.

1. What is La Juas? La Juas or La Juanitas has some of the best Mexican food in town and is super cheap for college students on a budget. So when midnight rolls around and you’re up late working on homework, satisfy your stomach with one of their famous burritos!

2. Doing laundry with your “buddy” Learning how the setup in the laundry room works can be an adventure so using this procedure is typical of college freshman. “The buddy system is a procedure in which two people, the “buddies”, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other.” By having your ‘buddy” the daunting task of laundry still doesn’t get any better; sorry its still laundry which will never be fun. However, you can both discover which washers don’t drain water and which dryers actually dry your clothing.

3. Malarky’s just another high school dance If you’ve already had the chance to attend Malarky’s this school year than you’ll totally understand why this made the list. The dance floor at Malarky’s is your classic scene from high school dances; besides the inclusion of some pool tables, alcohol, and undercover cops. Piece of advice to the ladies, be wary of the townies and make smart choices.

4. Lanyards It’s a really obvious sign you’re a freshman when you have a lanyard around your neck. Once orientation is over remove the lanyard from your neck and carry them like every other student.

5. Pronouncing Lage wrong I myself accidentally asked an upperclassmen my freshman year where Lage is, however, I totally murdered the pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is LOG-EE, so now you know!

Well I hope you’ve had a good laugh while reading this list, and by that I mean please laugh! I find my sarcastic humor pretty funny so I hope others do as well. If you enjoyed reading this post then check out my article, Five things I learned my first semester of college from an earlier publication. Thanks for reading and have a great fall semester!

Photo Credit Kyle Wiebers