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How to get through finals week


Brittany Poeppe | Assistant Arts + Life Editor

Saturday night: Can I put off studying and pretend I have more important things to do?

Sunday night: Study, coffee break, study, eat while I study, look at the clock [2 AM], more coffee, study more…

Monday: I should have studied more.

Tuesday: I should have taken better notes.

Wednesday: I should have paid attention in class.

Thursday: I really should have studied more, but now I’m done. It’s Christmas break!

Friday: It’s like finals never even happened.

Finals week is upon Buena Vista University (BVU), and students are finishing up their semester. Many students have final projects, while others simply have a final exam. Finals can be stressful, and many students cram for tests and pull all-nighters in order to pass that final exam.

We all dread finals week; it’s usually referred to as the worst week of school. Finals seem to bring out the worst in us, especially because most of us aren’t that great with coping with this suddenly overwhelming amount of stress. Whatever your finals schedule, The Tack has a few tips to help you survive the last week of the semester and enter Christmas break feeling good.

1. Unplug. Students love technology and being connected. Texting and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great boredom busters, but they’re also great motivation killers. Unplug from your social life to study, and you’ll focus a lot better.

2. Take a break. Your brain can only handle so much studying. After a while, it may feel like you don’t remember anything you read. Try studying for about 30-45 minutes, then take a 15 minute break and do something different. You can clean your room, take a walk, or even call your mom to vent about how stressful finals are.

3. Hydrate. Water is the best liquid to drink during finals. If you need to caffeinate, try drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. If you’re planning on staying up later than usual and need to caffeinate, try drinking green tea. Stay away from energy drinks because the caffeine, sugar, and sodium in them lead to dehydration, which can also impair your memory and focus.

4. Find your space. Find a spot you’ll study in, especially if you don’t like to study at the library. Try to find a spot without distractions like tv’s or other people. Your room isn’t always the best place to study. You associate your bed with relaxation and sleep, so it will be hard to focus if you try to study there. It’s not impossible, but it will make your finals week a little harder.

5. Sleep. A good night’s sleep is helpful during finals week. Sleep helps your body make necessary repairs, and it helps you remember all of the stuff you’re trying to cram into your brain for the tests you have to take. Getting sleep isn’t always easy, and sometimes an all-nighter is necessary. Try taking power naps throughout your study session.


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