Crime Beat: Car Theft at BVU



Aaron Nicholaisen | Staff Writer

On February 19, four cars parked at Buena Vista University were broken into around 8:40 PM.

The cars affected by the theft were parked in Lot D, located just north of the Estelle Siebens Science Center. The vehicle owners left the car doors unlocked.

The unknown thief was seen stealing items from a vehicle by a Buena Vista University individual who managed to chase off the car burglar. The thefts have been reported to Storm Lake Police and are known by Campus Security.

In order to prevent such incidences from occurring in the future, Buena Vista Students are reminded to lock their vehicles while unattended and pay attention to their surroundings, according to Director of Campus Security Mark Kirkholm.

This is the first car burglary reported in the past few years on the BVU campus according to Kirkholm.

Assistant Chief of Police Todd Erskine stated, “The investigation is ongoing.”

Students are encouraged to report these crimes to either Storm Lake Police or campus security as they happen. Campus security can be contacted 24 hours a day at 712-749-2500.

Graphic by Nic Gibson