Beautylicious: Disney inspired makeup



Tawney Schreier | Blogger

Hey guys! I have created a new beauty blog that is inspired by Disney! It will have similar posts to this, but revolve around Disney and Disney makeup! You can follow my blog, GoofandBeauty, on WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The following article is a taste of what you can find there!

Here it is! My very first Disney-inspired makeup look. The awesome thing about this cut crease look is that if your lines aren’t perfect, you can just add a spot and it still looks great! This look would be awesome for Halloween!

Here’s how I created it:

  1. Put a transition color throughout your crease.
  2. With a flat brush, start creating a line across your crease with a dark brown eyeshadow.
  3. After achieving the shape you want, add a black eye shadow over top and blend, blend, blend.
  4. When your cut crease is blended to perfection, add a white cream shadow all over the lid and below the crease. I used Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in “Too Cool.” Then apply a white shadow over the top to set it.
  5. Use a liquid eyeliner to create your spots.
  6. Use a dark shadow to smoke out the bottom lash line.
  7. Optional: Create a wicked wing to pull the look together (if that’s what you’re into).
  8. Top it off with a red lipstick for that true 101 Dalmatians look.