Letter to the Students from the New Student Body President


Rosalind Russel, Contributing Writer

Hello students of Buena Vista University,

I am very grateful to have been granted this wonderful opportunity to serve you as student body president at such a unique and critical time for Buena Vista University. Given that we have a new president transitioning in, Dr. Joshua Merchant, the atmosphere of this university is full of anticipation, uncertainty, and excitement.

How can Rosalind Russell help to REUNITE OUR KINGDOM?

* First, what is this ‘kingdom’ I am referring to? No, I am not suggesting that the United States and the United Kingdom rejoin beneath Queen Elizabeth II (while it may be a fantastic idea). It is the kingdom in which we are living and working and breathing in. Our student body’s community, our Buena Vista University community, and our Storm Lake community, together, make us a kingdom of diverse interests, skills, personalities, and backgrounds. This is the kingdom I am referring to.

* Why reunite? Well, it is unity that brings strength to a community. It provides each individual more opportunities to grow and contribute to the livelihood of the people living among them. It is all too often that we crawl into our own little groups and homes and forget about the importance of our presence and contributions. And, we often forget what a difference it makes when we all work together and build each other up. Therefore, I intend to put a great deal of stress on unity, because I see it having great value to every person who is involved.

* My three goals:

  1.  Strengthen relationships between students and student-run organizations
  2. Help to build a strong relationship between our incoming president, Dr. Joshua Merchant, the student body, and the alumni of BVU
  3. Help to reunite Storm Lake Community and Buena Vista University through community events, networking opportunities, and improved advertisement.

It is important for you all to know that my heart is with your success. I want you to have fun, achieve great things, and leave this university feeling as though it was a worthwhile experience – as though your challenges and successes prepared you sufficiently for your next adventures, whatever they may be. We are in this together, so let us work together to build our successes and overcome our challenges. Is that not what family is for? Cheers to being a Beaver, today and forever! 🙂