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“You Should Know Podcast” Review


Sometimes entertainment finds you instead of the other way around. That is what happened with me and the “You Should Know Podcast.”

The “You Should Know Podcast” is a comedy podcast hosted by Peyton Hardin and his co-host and best friend, Cam Kennedy. The podcast was originally interview-based, where Hardin would sit down with different guests and ask questions he felt people should know the answers to, hence the name “You Should Know.” But not long after he got started, the show turned to a fresh style.

Hardin, who played junior college basketball, started telling stories about his experiences at school. He would tell them with a bunch of detail and try his best to make people laugh. That is when Kennedy joined the show regularly each week. They told stories about their time together at the junior college, both with the team and off the basketball court.

The show still offers stories about the co-host’s experiences, but they have added features like “would you rather” debates and funny arguments, messing with each other for about an hour once a week.

Like a lot of things, I found this show just scrolling on my phone. I saw a clip of the video version of the show where Peyton brought two of the world’s hottest tortilla chips to the studio and told Cam that they were both going to eat them. Both took a bite of their chip and Cam started to freak out because he couldn’t handle the heat. Then it was revealed that Peyton had switched his chip to a regular tortilla chip to prank Cam. That is just one of the ways they are always messing with each other with different jokes and pranks. Since then, trying different foods has become one thing they do a lot on the show because of the funny reactions they give to the different foods.

I think the thing that the show does so well is they make it feel like you, the fans, are there in the room with them. They go out of their way to make it just feel like two friends hanging out with a microphone in front of them. That is the thing they excel at most as a show, and it really shows in the video version of the podcast, where they are always laughing and goofing around while also keeping people informed throughout the entirety of the show.

Another thing that has become the main subject of the show is Hardin talking about his experiences with anxiety in his life. While he laughs at the different stories and makes jokes about them, it is almost like he is using these stories as a way to show people that he is just a person. He will talk about the anxiety he faces in a way where you can notice how much he deals with it, but he also tries to show it is okay to make jokes about it. This is one thing that, in my opinion, “You Should Know” does well as a show. Although talking about anxiety has become more normal in today’s society, you still do not always hear people so willing to speak about their own experiences with it. Peyton does this in a way where he is trying to make light of it, but it also allows people to get to know him more on a personal level as well. I think it is important to have people willing to speak about anxiety in the media because it makes it more normal for everyone.

In my opinion, this show has a little bit for everyone. While there are different funny pranks and different stories about their lives, the podcast also touches on something so many people deal with every day: social anxiety. It is a show where if listeners want to sit down and see two best friends just have a genuine funny conversation, they can take a seat with them.

You can find the “You Should Know Podcast” every Monday on all podcast platforms for the audio-only version or watch the video version on YouTube.

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