New Student Senate Leadership Elected for 2018-2019 School Year


Olivia Wieseler, News Editor

Buena Vista University’s (BVU) Student Senate will see new leadership in the coming fall.   The election results were officially released on March 26.  Junior Alan Maldonado will be president, sophomore Natalie Brewer will be vice president, sophomore Tate Holmes will be treasurer, and sophomore Emily Brewer will be secretary.    

Rosalind Russell, senior interdisciplinary sustainable development major and current Student Senate president, says the goal of Student Senate is to consider the needs of the whole student community at BVU. 

“The idea is to try and be representative,” says Russell. 

 Elections ran from March 1 to March 15.  Candidates had the opportunity to hang up posters and run campaigns.  During this two week period, all students could vote on BeaverNet for their preferred candidate in each of the positions. 

After being elected, each member of the new executive board agreed to take office and has plans for the upcoming term. Russell says that each member has great leadership skills and are very motivated.  

“I know that the people in those roles have great leadership skills, they understand their community, they care about their community, they want to make positive change, and they want people to feel like they’re being taken care of by the Student Senate,” says Russell.

President-elect Alan Maldonado is Spanish and business with a marketing concentration double major and is a resident assistant, member of Raíces, and member Sigma Delta Phi (the Spanish honor society).   

Maldonado says he ran for office because he has a lot of ideas that he wishes to push forward.

“I thought my experience in multiple executive positions, athletics, and resident life enabled me to see the different sides of student life,” says Maldonado. “I feel prepared and confident enough to push student concerns onward.” 

 Maldonado says he hopes to revive student activity on campus.   

 “At the moment campus participation is low, so a big priority for next year is tackling the implementation of new programs as well as reviving old ones that could potentially help bolster student attendance,” says Maldonado. 

 In addition, he plans to create better living arrangements for students.  

“With my position next year as Community Coordinator for Pierce White, we will also try out new programs that will make living arrangements better for out-of-state students, international students, and those that make BVU their home for the next four years,” says Maldonado.

Vice president-elect Natalie Brewer is a biology major.  She participates in Beaver Animal Rescue and Care (BARC), Team Wellness, Concert Choir, Alpha Psi Omega (APO), Bella Voce, and O-Team and is VP of Internal Communications for Student Activities Board (SAB) and Leader of Biological Research.  Natalie says she ran for office because she wants to create community and solve problems.   

“I want the Storm Lake community as well as the BVU community to feel like one big community,” says Natalie. “I also want to get issues on campus resolved sooner than later to the best of our ability.” 

Natalie says one of her main goals is to create community between inside and outside campus, especially building connections with the nursing home.   

“They want the memories to stay with them and to make their last days amazing,” says Natalie.  “As the resident that I visited said, ‘We are basically a part of campus because we are so close… we are just the older students!’  I think this will be a great start to getting the Storm Lake community and BVU students involved together.” 

 Treasurer-elect Tate Holmes is a Business major and marketing minor and plays baseball.  His main goals are to create a strong community on campus.   

 “I would love to see other clubs coming to Student Senate for help with on-campus activities so that the student body could connect more with the University,” says Holmes. “I want to accomplish many things within the next year but I mostly want to allow our student body to interact more outside of just the classroom.” 

 Secretary-elect Emily Brewer is a graphic design major and animation minor and participates in BARC, SAB, Art Club and Graphic Design Club (CMYK).  Brewer says she wants to increase awareness across campus of what Student Senate can do. 

 “I want students to come and see what Student Senate is all about,” says Emily. “And that starts with having good notes and getting the notes out to the students. Getting more students into the Student Senate meetings is one of my main goals.” 

 Russell is happy with the newly elected executive board, and feels confident leaving the student senate in their capable hands. 

 “They really care about the students,” says Russell.  “They clearly are advocating for those around them. I think they’re going to be really great next year. I really do.”