A Wasted Four Days of Class 


Diane Nusbaum , Contributing Writer

After a little over a week of no classes for spring break, we had to come back…for four days. Four days of classes before Easter break began and then we got another four days off. What was the point of those four days of class? It doesn’t really make that much sense.  

Everyone comes back, not ready for their classes, not exactly in the mindset to get back to school, still in the “Break Zone”. Knowing that they will be going on another break after only four days makes everyone even more zoned out. Some people just ended up staying home for those extra four days.  

An argument could be made that some students are unable to make it home, so having roughly a two week break would make things slightly more difficult for them. The food services on campus would be closed for the longer breaks, so the students staying on campus would have to spend more money than they normally would.  

In addition, if students don’t have a car, they would also have to find a ride out to the store to buy enough food for the two weeks. But it isn’t very hard to find a ride. Most people around here would be nice enough to let someone else tag along for a trip to the store, especially if the person being asked is also heading to the same destination. It’s also fairly easy to get enough food for two weeks and stay under $10, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem, either.  

On the other hand, more students might be able to justify a trip home if the two breaks were combined, so fewer students would have to worry about food for the break and would get to enjoy time with their friends and family like most of the other students. Or they would be able to justify a small trip for break if they have the money and the ability to go on a trip.  

Honestly, I don’t see much of a point in those four days of classes between breaks. Why not combine spring break with Easter break and give students a few extra days to spend time with friends and family or let students continue their various trips and vacations for a few extra days before they have to come back and get back into the swing of things?