AG’s Game Center: College Football

Anthony Gallagher, Blogger

Hello friends: 

I want to welcome all freshmen to campus. I hope you are getting acclimated and enjoying your time so far as a part of the Beaver Nation! The Forum renovations are well underway (and looking pretty good I might add!). 

I would like to wish all of the fall sports teams good luck this year. College football is back and congrats to the Beavers on getting a big win to start the season! In this, my first blog, I am going to give my predictions for the college football season. 



Iowa has the possibility to put together a strong season, due to a weak schedule. I think the team may underachieve. The offense has a few question marks, but with both Nate Stanley and Noah Fant back, I think the offense will be productive.  

The defense has more question marks surrounding the loss of Josey Jewell and Josh Jackson to the NFL. This is a team that could sneak up on people, much like Buena Vista. 

Record 8-4: 3rd in Big 10 West 


Iowa State  

Under the leadership of Matt Campbell, the Cyclones are poised to have a strong season. ISU isn’t my specialty, but I know that with the loss of Joel Lanning the team will be taking a few steps back.  

With an expected loss to Iowa, the team will struggle to compete in a strong Big 12. 

Record 5-7



As much as I want Nebraska to lose every game, I realize that won’t happen. But I am sorry Nebraska fans, I do not see a championship season coming this year, the first of the Scott Frost Era. 

The Cornhuskers will do well but will likely lose to Iowa in the final game of the season, missing out on playing in the Big 10 championship game.  

Record 9-3: 2nd in Big 10 West. 


My college football playoff will include 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Washington 4. Penn State. I’m calling Clemson over Penn State in the National Title.  

Heisman: Jake Browning, QB, Washington.  


This was my first blog, so please don’t be too harsh in the comment section. I will try to blog every other week about something in the sports world. See you in two weeks Beaver Nation, and thanks for reading.