Director of Campus Security Leaves BVU; Garling Steps In


Katelyn Bohaty

Photo courtesy of Katelyn Bohaty

Olivia Wieseler, Editor-in-Chief

Former Director of Campus Security Craig Mihaljevich left Buena Vista University on August 30, 2018.  Dr. Ashley Farmer-Hanson, interim vice president of student success, declined to comment on the reason for his departure. 

Jessica Garling, a campus security officer and Title IX investigator, has taken the position of interim director of campus security.  She was chosen as interim head of security because of her years of experience in campus safety and security. 

“She’s had extensive training in [The Clery Act] and Title IX, some of the laws that we have to follow and need to follow to keep students and campus safe, she’s had extensive training in those areas, and so she was the best fit,” Farmer-Hanson explains. 

Farmer-Hanson says that these changes should not impact the students directly and that students should not worry about the safety of the campus. 

“Even though we have an interim director, students shouldn’t notice any significant changes to services or access to services available to them.  We still have campus safety 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” 

Farmer-Hanson says that as all options are explored, a new director or plan, “that we will be discussing with the rest of campus” will hopefully be put in place in the next few weeks.