Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Appointment Through the Eyes of a Democrat 


Original Photo by People Magazine

Iran Carlos , Contributing Writer

With such powerful movements that have been occurring recently, such as the #MeToo movement, I thought for sure that as a country we were finally listening and moving forward to help those who have been affected by sexual violence. But with the recent case of Brett Kavanaugh being appointed into the Supreme Court after being accused of sexual assault, I don’t even know how to wrap my head around such an unreal and unforgiving situation. 

I do not support the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh into the supreme court.  

I feel that any decent human being shouldn’t feel okay with this situation. He was accused of sexual assault. This wasn’t a case of him taking candy from a store as a kid. This was a case of him causing very serious harm to another human being. How could we as a country, stoop so low?  

I feel that approving Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment into the Supreme Court is sending a message to those who have been affected by any type of sexual assault that they don’t matter. Some will say that it was years ago when he was just a teenager, but while they are defending him, they don’t even bring up the horror and terror that his victim might, or had, have experienced by his own hands. Sexual assault isn’t something that you can cover up with a band aid and hope that it doesn’t get infected. It’s something she has lived with her whole life and many to this day are going through that experience. Living with that terror, knowing that the man that had assaulted her, holds such power must be mind numbing. The fact that those in government whose job is to protect its people are disregarding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s powerful and tearful statement is something that makes me see red.  

Those who are saying that we as a country must protect our boys from being accused and that are thrown upon the victims who come forward with hatred and anger are completely taking the side of misogyny. The topic of sexual assault isn’t one to be taken lightly, and those who come forward need to voice their concerns and mistreatment, and we should at least consider what it is they have to say. This whole situation had a lot of us going a little crazy. I believe that we should always pay attention what someone has to say, especially if they have been harmed. But with a case that is a little over 30 years old, it’s hard to find a complete answer.  

I believe with all my heart that Dr. Ford is telling the truth; I will always remember watching her give her statement to the judiciary court, telling them about hearing laughter while Brett Kavanaugh was on top of her trying to undress her. That will always stick with me. I feel that any decent person shouldn’t feel indifferent towards this case because people who have suffered sexual assault will never forget the day that the United States government abandoned them.   

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