Lessons I Learned in a Single Parent Home

Alex Galloway, Assistant Opinion Editor

Growing up in a single parent household wasn’t always easy. There were countless times my mom went without, just so my brother and I wouldn’t have to. Now that I live two and a half hours away from home, I’ve come to understand just how selfless, hardworking and kind-hearted my mother really is. I learned so much from her and continue to do so every single day. Growing up in a single parent household was a blessing in its own way. Here are a few of the lessons I learned from my mom that I continue to use every day.  

  1. Strength comes from struggle: I saw my mom struggle financially, emotionally and physically. She always managed to stay strong and get through it. Today she is the strongest person I’ve ever met, and I know some of it has to do with the struggles she went through as a single mother.  I learned that you grow more as a person when you have to go through hard times. 
  2. Always be humble: Growing up, I used to get upset when my friends would have the things my mom couldn’t afford to buy for me. I learned that materialistic things don’t lead to happiness. My mom taught me that nobody is better than anyone else. You can have the nicest car, the nicest house and all the materialistic things you’d ever want, but we’re all equal in the end. 
  3. The importance of family: My extended family took care of my brother and I when my mom had to work or do something. Constantly being around my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents taught me just how important they really are. They were there to help whenever my mom needed. They were the biggest support system for my mom. No matter what, they were always there. 
  4. Unconditional love: They say that a mother’s love for her children is indescribable, but they never talk about the unconditional love we have for our moms. My mom always has been and always will be my best friend. She gave me life and I could never repay her for that. The love I have for her is unconditional. 
  5. Everyone makes mistakes: Humans are flawed. Everybody is bound to make at least one mistake in their lifetime. My mom taught me that humans aren’t perfect, and we make mistakes. It’s the human nature. What matters is what you do about it after. 
  6. Hard work pays off: I learned that you aren’t going to accomplish what you want to unless you get up and work hard for it. This can be applied to anything you want in life. Ultimately, you decide your own fate.  
  7. Cherish the little moments: I learned this one recently. I remember wanting to leave home so badly. However, I wish I would’ve cherished the little moments a little more. Even though I’m just a couple hours away, it just isn’t the same. Being able to see my mom whenever I wanted, girl talks, and family dinners are some of the small things I wish I would’ve cherished more.