Let’s Talk About “Unpopular Opinions”


Photo Courtesy of write opinions.com

Alex Galloway, Assistant Opinion Editor

It seems like every time I’m scrolling down my Twitter feed, I always come across threads full of unpopular opinions. I’m not even going to lie when I say that one of my favorite parts about Twitter is reading all the unpopular opinions. There are some that are hilarious and others that are deep. No matter what though, I always find that a lot of them are actually popular opinions. I decided it would be interesting and pretty fun to share some unpopular opinions that might be relatable.  

Unpopular Opinion #1: Milk chocolate is gross 

I might get some hate for this, but if milk chocolate didn’t exist anymore, I wouldn’t be bothered. 

Unpopular Opinion #2: Sundays are worse than Mondays 

This one might be more popular, but I’d always take Monday over Sunday. There’s laundry and homework to be done. Plus, you’re exhausted from the weekend. 

Unpopular Opinion #3: Organizing for your server should be common courtesy 

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you understand this one. Servers have to deal with a lot and helping them out by taking a minute to stack your dishes and cups will be appreciated.  

Unpopular Opinion #4: Calling is better than texting 

My parents always reminisce on their teenage years when their friends had to call the house phone to get ahold of them. Calling takes less time and it’s more personal.  

Unpopular Opinion #5: Year 3000 is the best Jonas Brothers song 

If you haven’t been in the car screaming the lyrics to this song, then you’re really missing out. Go listen to it when you have a chance! 

Unpopular Opinion #6: Summer is better than winter 

Maybe it’s because we are now getting out of a brutal winter, but I would much rather live somewhere warm. I’ll always be a Midwesterner at heart though! 

Unpopular Opinion #7: Cereal is better when it’s soggy 

My friends think I’m gross for this one, but apparently, it’s not normal. Something about the crunch of cereal bothers me. I take a few minutes to soak my cereal in the milk before eating it.  

Unpopular Opinion #8: Chick-fil-a’s food is better than Canes 

I’m an addict when it comes to Chick-fil-a sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Mix that with the Chick-fil-a sauce, and I’m in heaven. However, Canes Texas toast is pretty good, so I’ll give them that. I’m also the weird person who likes the coleslaw. I’ll always choose food from Chick-fil-a though.