Summer 2019 Must-Dos

Alex Galloway, Assistant Opinion Editor

It seems like just yesterday we were moving to college or back to college, but the school year is coming to an end and the summer of 2019 is quickly approaching! Last summer I had the opportunity to travel a lot, but this summer I’ll be mostly working and saving up money–gotta love adulting! Summer doesn’t have to be just work though, so I have decided to share a list full of ideas that you can do when summer arrives. Enjoy! 

  1. Photoshoots with friends  
  2. Picnics 
  3. Camping  
  4. Playing messy Twister 
  5. Paint fights 
  6. Skydiving 
  7. Road trips 
  8. Attending a concert or music festival 
  9. Running a 5k 
  10. Going to a water park 
  11. Tie dyeing  
  12. Taking a fitness class 
  13. Fishing 
  14. Having a zoo day 
  15. Hosting a party 
  16. Making a scrapbook 
  17. Going to your local farmers market 
  18. Volunteering in your community 
  19. Taking online college classes 
  20. Sleep! 
  21. Hiking 
  22. Getting up early to watch the sunrise 
  23. Writing a letter to your future self
  24. Dyeing or cutting your hair 
  25. Going cell phone free for an entire 24 hours 
  26. Trying a new restaurant  
  27. Setting goals 
  28. Having a lake day 
  29. Starting a blog 
  30. Going thrift shopping