An Official List of College Must-Haves


Photo Courtesy of DormSmart

Alex Galloway, Assistant Opinion Editor

As an incoming freshman in college, I had no idea what to bring with me. I probably spent hours trying to figure out what I should and shouldn’t bring. Now that I will be entering my second year of college, I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of things that I must have on hand at all times. Below I’ve shared 12 things I think everyone should have while living on a college campus! 

  1. Shower shoes and a shower bag. I’d hope this would be an obvious one, but shower shoes are a must-have, especially when you share a bathroom with many other people. I purchased a shower bag instead of a plastic caddy, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I can hang it up on the hooks, so it doesn’t touch the ground and it’s easy to store. 
  2. Spare re-usable water bottles. I’m beginning to think my water bottles get up and leave. I’m queen at losing my water bottles, so having many of them is a must. 
  3. An extra set of sheets and pillow cases. Doing laundry is such a hassle sometimes. Having an extra set is so convenient when you need to change your sheets but don’t have time to do laundry.  
  4. A fan. Not only is it nice to sleep at a colder temperature, but a fan blocks out a lot of the noise from people outside or in the hall. Living in the dorms can be pretty noisy sometimes, but it’s nothing a fan cant fix. 
  5. Clorox wipes. I’ve used Clorox wipes for cleaning almost everything in my dorm. If you spill, use a Clorox wipe. Dust? Use a Clorox wipe. Something exploded in the microwave? Clorox wipe! You get the point. 
  6. An umbrella. There’s nothing worse than spending time doing your hair only for it to get rained on.  
  7. Extra blankets. I spilt an entire can of energy drink on my only blanket at the beginning of the year, and I wasn’t too happy about having to stay up late to wash it. After that, I decided extra blankets are a must. 
  8. Command strips. If only I had a dollar for each of the command strips I used this school year, I’d be paying off my student loans right now. 
  9. At least 3 towels. This ties back to laundry day. There are some weeks where it’s hard to do laundry and having a couple of extra towels is pretty nice. 
  10. Comfortable clothes. I brought so many cute clothes and ended up wearing maybe half of them. Leggings, t shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts are the way to go. 
  11. A planner. If I don’t write my assignments in my planner, then I forget about them sometimes. Having a planner is awesome for writing in due dates, events, etc.  
  12. Paper plates. Paper plates will make your life 10x easier, I promise. I wish someone could have prepared me for the number of times I’ve done dishes this school year. Having paper plates around is a definite must.