Give Snow Some Credit

Olivia Wieseler, Senior Editor

Grumbling and groaning floated through the air on Wednesday afternoon as the first snowfall, though it was more of a short-lived dusting, covered the Iowa farm fields. Most people at Buena Vista University furrowed their eyebrows and wrinkled their noses as they bundled up and hunkered down in preparation for the dreaded winter weather.  

While most students refused to go outside unless absolutely necessary, I walked outside from my room in Pierce-White to my class in Dixon-Eilers—something I haven’t done since the first weeks of schoolspecifically to stroll through the shower of white. walked with a little skip in my step and a grin ear to ear, while my classmates complained about the disgusting white flurries sprinkled on the ground.  

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why snow can be frustrating, not fun and even dangerous. I hate driving in snow and ice just as much as the next guy. But there are so many reasons to appreciate the beautiful season that officially begins in December and its well-known frosty hallmark.  

1. Winter fashion is the best fashion.

Sure bikinis, crop tops and short shorts are hot and sexy, but you can’t tell me they even come close in comparison to the stylish look of a warm sweater with a cute beanie, thick scarf and tall boots. Add some sparkling snowflakes in your hair and you’ve got an elegant yet dignified lookI might be overdramatizing the style’s effect, but I don’t think anyone can deny the adorableness fall/winter fashion commands.  

 2. Nothing beats relaxing by the fireplace. 

 One of my favorite activities during the winter season is snuggling in a cozy blanket with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate next to a crackling fireplace. That is something you can’t do during the summer. Well, you could, but people would look at you funny. You don’t necessarily need a book either. Naps next to the fireplace are the best. 

 3. You can’t get the same kind of fun without snow. 

 Without snow, there would be no such things as snowmen, snow angels or sledding. Many Midwesterners’ childhoods revolved around such playdates in the winter. Snow often meant no school and snow fort building with neighborhood friends. It meant snowmobiling and ice fishing. I have to say that a good impromptu snowball fight in the middle of campus is always welcome in my book.  

 4. There are sports that rely on a solid snowfall.  

 The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang was watched by nearly a quarter of the world’s population. There are people who dedicate their lives to sports that require snow or ice, and a lot of them are pretty legit. Whether it’s watching a figure skater spinning at 300 revolutions per minute or watching Shaun White complete a cab double cork 1440 to secure his gold medal halfpipe run, the impressiveness of winter sports will never cease to awe me. 


 I think this reason speaks for itself. Seriously, we don’t ever have to worry about mosquito bites, wasp stings, or chigger rashes. All the creepy spiders, annoying flies, and any other disgusting home invaders have gone dormant for the season. You can’t tell me that isn’t a positive. 

 6. Snow actually has some scientific and economic benefits.  

 Like I stated before, a whole industry of winter sports stimulates many economies where snow covers the ground more often than not. Ski resorts in Colorado, Utah and Vermont bring in tourists from all over the country and the world to test the slopes for a nice winter vacation. What is more, the snowmelt from mountainous regions provide a primary source of fresh water for its communitiesFor agricultural regions, it is a natural irrigation for the fields. Snow also insulates the soil, keeping the cold temperatures from freezing deeper soil and damaging root systems. Most importantly, snow cools our planet through the albedo effect. Albedo is the property of how well a material can reflect sunlight, and a fresh layer of snow can be as high as 90% reflective, keeping the sun’s heat from being absorbed into our planet.   

 7. Last but not least, snow literally creates a wonderland.  

 Nothing beats the artistry snow brings to any vistaIt can delicately rest on the branch of a pine or twinkle in the city lights. It’s a mystery of nature; not one flake has ever been the same. Wherever it is, the science miracle creates an elegant landscape that seems could only be pulled out of a movie.  And of course, you always need a white Christmas. 

If you made it to the end of the article, I hope you now at least hate snow a little less. So, next time a big snowstorm cancels work, classes or other plans, don’t curse mother nature for ruining your schedule. Instead, take time to step back and appreciate the frosty phenomenon.