Be Active, Make Friends, Compete in BVU Intramurals 


BVU Rec Services

Tanner Frost, Sports Editor

At any point throughout the day at Buena Vista University, a chorus of noise can be heard from the Lamberti Recreation Center.

In the early morning, the safe bet is that Director of Athletic Performance Coach Cue is running the Beaver Football team through their warm ups prior to lifting. In the afternoon, you’ll have to stay heads-up as half a dozen sprinters fly past on the signature scarlet track that outlines the blue floor of the gymnasium.

In the evening, squeaking shoes and shouting voices still echo throughout the building. No, it’s not the pair of BVU Basketball teams, or the girls of the Coach Havlichek’s Volleyball squad. It’s their intramural counterparts. Just as competitive, just not as high stakes.

The intramural sports offered at Buena Vista University have been a unique and fun way to both socialize and compete in recreation athletics for decades. On a campus where over 60% of the student body are student-athletes, intramurals are much needed constant throughout the year. 

“You get to meet new people, and it keeps you active when students who don’t play sports get to participate. The students who are participating in sports here on campus can stay active during the offseason outside of their workouts,” says Assistant Intramural Manager Cody Berens.

As a sophomore on the BVU Football team with this season now finished, Berens has already joined his own basketball team on top of helping to schedule and manage the entire league’s different matchups.

On top of his responsibilities in officiating (and occasionally playing) intramural basketball games, Berens has already helped to manage flag football, volleyball, dodgeball, and even cornhole seasons. And there’s so much more to come. 

Indoor soccer, slow pitch softball and a potential Esports league, including the likes of Rocket League, Madden 20, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other gaming favorites, highlight coming offerings that will fill quickly when the links are available to sign up.

My personal favorite is the annual racquetball league at the beginning of each second semester…maybe it’s because yours truly is the back-to-back champion. But, I digress.

The man leading the fun for the past few years is Director of Recreation Services and BVU Assistant Football Coach Trevor Berneking. Alongside students, Berneking also looks forward to J-Term and the second semester for what awaits in terms of new intramural leagues. 

“We plan on doing a gaming tournament with the Anime and Gaming Society along with soccer, softball, basketball, and possibly another volleyball league in the spring,” says Berneking. “During J-Term, we will have basketball and battleship.” 

Battleship is certainly one of the most unique offerings; students combine for teams of at least three into canoes that are placed into Finkbine Natatorium’s pool. From there, using buckets, paddle boards, and a silly assortment of other tools, the teams duke it out and try to down the other canoes shipwreck style to remain the last one standing. This battle-royale inspired game is an intense workout and a lot of laughs. 

That’s not the only offering that BVU’s pool has for intramural sports. There is also log rolling during January as well for the past two years, which is possibly the most challenging sport of all – if you’re up for the task. 

If you do happen to be the best of the best in your respective league, you (and possibly, your grand champion teammates) will be awarded the sought after BVU intramural champion shirts of varying designs by year. Safe to say, they’re unique, and each is a limited time offer.

If you’re not playing for the glory and are looking for a good time with friends while burning calories, there’s still fun to be had. 

“My favorite things about intramurals are just playing. Not necessarily winning or losing, but just getting to go out and play with my friends,” says Berens. 

Tania Toj Lopez, a junior on the BVU Women’s Soccer team, also uses her offseason to improve her skills inside the Lamberti Recreation Center as well. When the indoor soccer season rolls around, you can find Lopez bagging goals and celebrating with friends. 

“They’re competitive but they’re also very fun and I get to meet new people which is always great,” says Lopez. She adds, “My favorite memory from playing intramurals was when my team my freshman year made it to second place.” 

Berneking agrees with the sentiment that intramurals expands an entirely new social aspect to every student who participates, and encourages you to try an intramural sport out if you haven’t yet. 

“As far as positives go, it gets students out of their room and lets them be active! They meet new people, possibly future friends, and continue to play a sport they aren’t able to at the collegiate level,” says Berneking. 

If you’re interested in signing up for one of the upcoming intramural sports being offered, you can sign up on the BVU Recreation Services host website IMLeagues to create an account and play. 

If you simply want to keep up with the various champions of the differing leagues and see who wins the coveted BVU intramural shirts every year, you can find the BVU Recreation Services pages on Twitter and Facebook.