Socially Distanced Intramurals

In-Person or Online BVU Intramurals Remain Safe and Socially Distanced 


Tanner Frost, Sports Editor

(photo credit to Trevor Berneking)

Without organized athletics and new social distancing regulations on campus, Buena Vista University’s Recreation Services have had to adapt to the times. 

Since the Lamberti Recreation Center now has modified/reduced hours and the Rec House by the lake is indefinitely closed, students on campus looking for fitness or outdoor opportunities have far fewer options. 

In a typical fall, the squeaking of shoes on the court floors of the Rec Center would provide a competitive atmosphere between friends. Students would spike, dig, and block one another in volleyball; or field their own co-ed slow pitch softball teams and spend the night on the diamond under the lights. 

However, all normal intramurals have been canceled for 2020 due to COVID-19.  

But that didn’t stop Director of Recreation Services Trevor Berneking from getting creative and helping students stay active. 

“Students can utilize the walking trails around the lake by going for a walk or a run. If you have fishing equipment you can always go fishing. There is lots of state public land around that you can drive out to and explore,” says Berneking. 

With fresh ideas and a new set of intramural sports to participate in, Berneking and BVU students have found socially distanced fun in new ways. 

“Some of the things that we have started are a lawn golf league and bags league,” says Berneking. “Lawn Golf runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and bags are on Wednesday evenings. With some of the new policies, these have been put on hold for the time being and we’re hoping we can get them started up again in the next week or so.” 

In addition to the leagues, Berneking has helped run a footgolf tournament on the first weekend of September while planning disc golf and wiffleball for the near future. 

Taking the opportunity to compete in an Iowa tradition, BVU Senior John Corcoran relished the opportunity to continue playing intramurals. 

“I have played cornhole this year…and besides wearing a mask it felt very similar to regular years. I feel safe and socially distanced while playing,” adds Corcoran. 

If you don’t feel comfortable playing in-person intramurals, there’s still plenty of options. 

Online on IMLeagues, the Recreation Services host site, a “Pigskin Pick ‘Em” league has begun with the opening NFL weekend where competitors choose which team will win each weekly matchup. 

Berneking adds that there will be upcoming interactive social media events partnered with SAB and Student Success soon. The Anime and Gaming Society will help to host ESports tournaments in popular games like Rocket League, Madden, or Super Smash Bros.  

With intramurals already up-and-running, Berneking adds that there is a wide variety of outdoor activities to still participate in, such as bike rides, kayaking, paddleboarding, and utilizing the charcoal grills dotted around campus. 

Students are still provided a great social hub, adds Berneking, and these experiences are important for the campus culture. 

“No matter if we are adjusting to COVID or not, getting involved with intramurals or any other event on campus can provide you social opportunities. If it’s a virtual event just get online and chat and meet new people. If you have the opportunity to get outside and participate do it,” says Berneking. He adds, “It gives you opportunities to do something new, meet new people, and be engaged. During this difficult time, it is important to do what you can to get out of your rooms and be as active as you can while still following the policies that are set in place to keep us safe as a community.” 

You can sign up for the various BVU intramural leagues both online and in-person on by signing up with your school email and creating your team. 

You can also follow the BVU Recreation Services Facebook or Twitter pages, or check BVU Newsweekly for more information on upcoming leagues/events.