My Experience Voting For the First Time


Joceline Medina, Staff

One of the most important rights we have as American citizens is the right to vote. All Americans, regardless of race or gender, have the opportunity to decide their future by electing a person who will reflect their views. Just this year, I became eligible to vote. Considering the importance of this year’s election, I registered to vote as soon as it was possible.   

The first step into my journey was learning the voting process itself. This year was slightly different from the others. With the pandemic that we were all unprepared for, I was forced to decide whether to vote through mail or in person. Initially, the mailing process sounded like the safest option for me, but with further contemplation, I found voting early to be much more convenient. Living in a small town, I did not have to worry about encountering big groups of people at the voting polls, therefore, voting before Election Day was my best option.  

Following the learning process, I spent my time watching the presidential and vice-presidential debates and educating myself on each candidate. It was important that I made a decision that would benefit me and my community.   

Formulating a voting plan was next on my agenda. I needed to know when, how, and where I would cast my ballot. Finding answers to those questions was painless. Through my computer, I was able to locate where early voting would take place, schedule a time to vote, and make a list of all the materials I would need.   

Soon enough, the special day had come. To make the process less intimidating, I went with a friend. As we pulled up to the BV County Courthouse, I put on my mask and took a deep breath before going in.  

The courthouse was pleasantly empty. I made my way up to a very nice lady who provided me with all of the necessary instructions, along with my official ballot. With that, I advanced towards the voting booth to take a seat. Taking my time, I filled in the bubbles for my preferred candidates. Once I finished, I placed my ballot into an envelope and placed that envelope into another. Lastly, I stood up and set my ballot in the ballot box. Adding to the experience, I was handed a sticker before I left. Overall, I found the voting process to actually be very simple. I walked out of the courthouse feeling powerful knowing that I made an impact. 

For all the first-time voters, I hope you encountered a similar experience. It’s easy to think that your vote doesn’t make a difference, considering how many people there are in the world, but every vote counts. Whether you voted through the mail, early, or on Election Day — by voting this year, you made a difference!