The Spotlight: Hunter Vasey

Hannah Perry, Arts & Life Editor

Junior Hunter Vasey’s first time performing was in fifth grade when his elementary school produced a play. Participation was mandatory for students, so he had the option of either being in the chorus or playing a part. He figured he might as well take on a role and did so for the next play when it came around the following year.  

After taking a break from being on stage for a few years, Vasey had plans of working behind the scenes for his high school theatre department’s production of Annie. He was later pulled aside by the drama teacher, who expressed their desire for him to perform in the show. He took the opportunity and his love for musicals flourished from that point on.  

“I prefer musicals because the energy of a musical is unlike anything else,” Vasey said, “I love the bonding and uniting experience that is performing a group number with a bunch of people you get to know from practice. There’s nothing else like it.” 

Unlike many people with a passion for music and performing, Vasey didn’t come to Buena Vista University with the goal of pursuing theatre as a career. In fact, he originally double majored in psychology and criminal justice and later chose to major in digital media and minor in psychology. However, his love for spending time in the spotlight was still as prevalent as ever and remains one of his favorite pastimes.  

“I’m not a musical theatre major or anything like that,” Vasey said. “The way I came into it was that I wasn’t forced, but I didn’t know my whole life that I wanted to be a performer and I still don’t know if that’s what I want to do for a job. I just love it so much that I can’t see it not being a part of my life.” 

During his freshman year at BVU, Vasey auditioned for the musical Spamalot thinking he would be given a background part. He ended up performing in his own musical number with a solo. He would later go on to star in a few plays during J-Term and Magic Theatre during his sophomore year.  

Putting his digital media major to good use, Vasey has found ways to transfer his performance-based skills from the stage to the screen. Last year, he created Cancelled, a YouTube series for The Tack, with his best friend Morgan Krull. The videos involve the pair going around campus, asking students a variety of themed questions, and determining if their answers result in them being canceled or verified. Vasey and Krull are also planning on putting their own spin on BVTV Tonight! as the new hosts.  

“With me and Morgan taking over BVTV Tonight this semester it’s going to be interesting because I’ve never had that much of a constant on-screen opportunity,” Vasey said.  

 With graduation only a year away for Vasey, his vision of the future includes writing for television shows and movies and occasionally starring in them. Even though creating content for the screen is his priority, he emphasizes the importance of having a mixture of interests. 

“Do something that is a perfect combination of something you love, something you find interesting, and something you can see yourself doing as a job. I feel like I’m working toward that perfect balance.”