Students Compete in Diversity Scavenger Hunt 

Diversity and Inclusion Week


Hannah Perry

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) kicked off the second day of their Diversity and Inclusion week on Tuesday, November 10 with an activity that got students out of their rooms and wandering the halls of the forum. Planned by a small team of students, the event of the night was a not-so-typical scavenger hunt. Instead of finding various items, players set off to find questions posted around the building.  

Freshman Jordan Sherman, one of the event planners, was pleased with the turnout. She played a part in the creation of the questions and acknowledged how they were meant to provide students with more knowledge.  

“The scavenger hunt is a bunch of different questions that make you think and learn more about different diverse groups,” Sherman said. “All the questions revolve around different people, religions, ethnicities, a bunch of different things to get you thinking.” 

As students joined the competition, they were given a paper listing off directions that would lead them to the corresponding questions. One clue directed students to the clock in the middle of a hallway in the forum by saying “Time is ticking to learn about diversity and inclusion!”  

Intensity was built as some players sprinted down the halls, aiming to get the fastest time. Once they answered every question, they headed back to the CDI and their recorded time was submitted. Prizes included a $25 Visa card for fifth, fourth, and third place, $50 for second place, and $75 for first place. Sophomore MaryShoko Marugu was focused on having fun and scoring one of the prizes.  

“I like it, except I’m competitive so I walk with an agenda,” Marugu said. “I get there faster.” 

Finishing in first place with a time of 15 minutes 45 second was Freshman Trey Ortman, who expressed his enjoyment early on in the activity.  

“I’m having a blast,” Ortman said. “It’s fun going around the scavenger hunt and learning. I’ve learned that the flag on the wall is Bosnia’s flag.”  

With a week full of events ahead, Freshman planner Rylynn Gilmore reflected on the benefits of the scavenger hunt and how it fit into the mix.  

“Compared to other events, this one facilitates people having fun while learning,” Rylynn Gilmore said. “It will hopefully get more students involved rather than them sitting in a room being told things. Hopefully by them being able to take the knowledge into their own hands, they’ll know that it’s up to them to learn the material and they will get more interested and take pride in learning.”