My Review on the Pizzeria, Patio 220

Pizza anyone? If you’re hungry and looking to visit someplace new, make your way down to Patio 220. This pizzeria is located almost six miles away from the Buena Vista University campus in Alta, Iowa.

With slightly over three months since its opening, Patio 220 has made quite the impact, standing at five stars on Google. After visiting myself, I fully support this rating.

Patio 220 is the new pizzeria in Alta, just outside of Storm Lake.

I hadn’t done any research before visiting the pizzeria besides quickly scanning the menu on their Facebook page, so I was stunned to see what resembled a tiny, white house in the center of downtown Alta. I learned that this same house had once been a bed and breakfast and a cupcakery. The historical home is now in the hands of Erik Holmgren, and his mother who helps him out at the restaurant.

As I viewed the menu in the car on the road to the pizzeria— I wasn’t driving of course— I was interested in the various types of pizza they offered. The toppings were beyond anything I’ve tried. Then again, I’ve only had pizza from places like Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch, and Casey’s, so I don’t have much to refer to.

While I was intrigued by their prosciutto and date pizza, with toppings of garlic, olive oil, prosciutto dates, goat cheese, and balsamic reduction, I thought I would properly review the restaurant by trying one of their simpler pizzas: the summer sausage with an addition of mushrooms. My logic was, if one of their more classic pizzas were not executed well, then that must mean that anything more complex would have been even worse.

Along with my summer sausage pizza, I ordered a side of their sourdough loaf with an addition of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Before I continue with my review, I want to clarify that I have little to no expertise on pizza, so my opinions are strictly based on whether I enjoyed what I ordered as well as what I thought about the setting.

I chose to dine in the outdoor seating area behind the white house, where the setting seemed to be most alluring. They also offered indoor seating. This was where all the food was made. However, it was too much of a nice day to eat inside.

Upon entering the back area, there were several black round tables placed all around the gigantic tree that stood in the center. Lights hung from the walls from the buildings that bordered the left and right sides of the pizzeria. At night, these would set the mood. Not only did the lights add to the atmosphere, but the soothing music that played from the window of the house made me feel like I was no longer in Iowa but in a fancy restaurant located somewhere in Italy. However, my favorite part of the experience was the delicious smells that filled the air.

Once I received my food, I was eager to dig in. The pizza itself was well-priced I would say, coming in at $12 for what appeared to be a regular medium-sized pizza. It was able to feed two people. As for the sourdough loaf, it cost me $5.

Joceline Medina

I began by taking a bite out of my sourdough loaf. The slices we received were almost perfectly cut. They were nicely toasted and lightly salted. I dipped my slice in the olive oil and balsamic vinegar mixture before taking a bite. When I did, I knew that I would be returning to this pizzeria. While it was simply toast and oil, I was delighted by the flavors and textures in my mouth. It had a hard exterior, but the inside of the bread was nice and soft. There was the perfect amount of salt, and the olive oil and vinegar added to the taste.

When it came time to eat the pizza, I cleansed my palette with a cup of water. The crust itself was thin which I preferred in pizza anyway, and the sauce and cheese were not overwhelming. Altogether, it made an amazing pizza, in my opinion. The sausage was probably my favorite part. Like the rest of the toppings, they were thinly sliced and delicious.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Patio 220. Not only was the environment calming, but the food was flavorful. I seriously suggest supporting this small local business. You will not regret it.