Taking a Dip into Storm Lake: China One Buffet

Tyler Grames, Contributing Writer

            Storm Lake is a city of diverse cultures – many ethnic communities and restaurants are available within town. The restaurants are especially important to the college students because there are plenty of days where students need a break from school food. When going out for a subtle change of pace, a restaurant that Buena Vista University students should give a try would be the Chine One Buffet.

            As the name suggests, China One Buffet serves various Chinese foods. These different foods include various forms of soup, fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, egg foo young, pork, chicken, beef, and shrimp. After each meal, they also give their customers a complementary fortune cookie. If one would want more fortune cookies, they can buy more for 50 cents at the front where they pay for their meal.

            China One Buffet also provides online ordering to their customers. That way, one can bring the food back to their dorm rooms while studying or working on homework. However, they do not offer delivery services. So, students will have to take the time to drive to the restaurant for their food. However, this is not an issue because the restaurant is quite easy to find. The official address is 1419 N Lake Ave, Storm Lake, IA 50588 for those that like to put everything into their phones while driving. However, this street is easy to find for Buena Vista University students. This is the same street students can take to get to Walmart. Just before you get to Walmart, students will see the parking lot for Dollar General. One will find China One Buffet to the right of Dollar General.

            An important thing to note about China One Buffet is that they require masks while entering the restaurant. If you do not have a mask, they provide free masks for you at the entrance. The restaurant also requires one to wear a plastic glove while getting food from the buffet. The gloves are provided at the ends of the buffet areas and customers can always replace them each time they go up for more food. When it comes to your empty plates, the servers will always come to your table and ask to take your plates away.

            When one thinks about going out somewhere for lunch or dinner, they should give their attention to China One Buffet. They provide great Chinese food, great service, safety from the Covid-19 virus, and online ordering options. As someone who has gone to the restaurant with friends, I would highly recommend it for anyone craving some good Chinese food.