Student Senate creates Beaver of the Month program



Samantha Hirschman | Assistant News Co-Editor

For students at Buena Vista University (BVU), it may not be easy to recall the former Beaver’s Creed. Student Senate has recreated and reconstructed the creed to a shorter phrase that is easy to remember. The old creed was split it into two separate, but connected, parts: “Beaver’s Creed” and “Beavers Are.”

“Beavers Are” contains the values that were previously included in the Beaver’s Creed.

Along with the new “Beavers Are” values, Student Senate has decided to implement a recognition award called Beaver of the Month. Students, staff, and faculty may nominate a student based on what value is dedicated to that month.

September’s Beaver of the Month is James Ekene John. John was chosen because of his qualifications as being “benevolent,” meaning kind and good-hearted.

October’s nominees are individuals that portray “ethical” behavior. Any student can be nominated except for members of Student Senate. Once nominations close, the Policy Advisory Committee of Student Senate will narrow down to three finalists. The rest of the Senate will then discuss and vote to decide who will be the Beaver of the Month.

At the end of the year, there will be nominations for the Beaver of the Year. These nominations can only be by faculty and staff. The Beaver of the Year will be recognized at the Recognition Dinner.

Nominations can be submitted here.

Photo by Kyle Wiebers