Humans of BVU: Matt Schulz


Staff Writer

Tyson Domingo | Staff Writer

Name: Matt Schulz
Year: Sophomore
Major: Theatre and Vocal Performance
Campus Involvement: Student Activities Board (SAB), Resident Assistant, Choir, and Theatre
Hometown: Waverly, IA

Watch carefully because the dense head of hair on Matt Schulz may just be your favorite color next week. As a walking act, Schulz has added a splash of life that every community needs right here in Storm Lake. From his pronounced vocals to his illustrious “swants,” Schulz knows how to turn your head more than just once.

Most of Schulz’s creativity comes from his experiences with being able to express himself and not needing to conform to social norms. Majoring in theatre, Schulz knows how to express himself, and that freedom of expression is what he credits as his favorite part about being a theatre major.

“I love music, theatre, and performing; just that whole creative outlet. There are never ending possibilities with it. It’s not like there are strict rules, strict guidelines like there is in math. There’s never really a ‘right’ answer, and I really love that too,” Schulz said.

Schulz has always had a carefree attitude and had the confidence in himself to do what ever he wanted to do, but he has experienced times when people have tried to limit his creativity, which has made him upset at times, although that doesn’t stop him from expressing himself.

“A lot of times though, if people give me rules and guidelines, I’ll find a way around them. I’ll find a way to bend them so I do have that freedom and expression.”

As a rule bender, Schulz isn’t afraid to do what he pleases with the people he is comfortable with, and sometimes even people he doesn’t necessarily know. It’s safe to say that some people may not be so accepting of Schulz’s personality, but that’s okay because he knows what he does is intended to be positive and not tear people down.

“I love when, especially in the nice weather, you’re driving with your friends just going down the road, places where you’ll find people outside walking a dog or anything like that. You go out the window, put your head out the window with your hands over your face and then yell ‘SURPRISE’ and open up your hands, like a peek-a-boo sort of thing. Or if you just see a random lady outside, and you’ll wave out the window and say ‘Charlene, Charlene! Hey, Charlene!’ and just pick a name. It’s one of those things where you just do a lot of weird, crazy, wacky things, but I feel like it makes that person’s day better. Now they have a story. Something happened to them today that’s totally random, totally weird, and out of the norm, and they get to laugh about it. Whether they’re laughing at me or they’re laughing at the situation whatever, I feel like it makes their day better, same with around campus. If you find me outside of the science center doing the splits, or galloping and leaping down the forum hallway, or doing pirouettes and singing in the serve; it’s something funny. Yeah, you might be like ‘ugh, this guy,’ but then now you have a story to tell. Something happened to you today that’s made your day better, more exciting, and interesting.”

Graphic by Justice Gage
Photos by Tyson Jay Domingo