Rand Paul for popular college vote



Madeleine McCormick | News Editor

The Rand Paul Iowa 10,000 campaign visited Buena Vista University (BVU) Wednesday to speak to students and promote his campaign tour. Paul’s campaign “The Iowa 10,000” is designed to appeal to the college demographic, with a goal of acquiring 10,000 college student votes in the caucuses opening February 1.

About 40 students, faculty, and staff fit into Dows Conference Center while Paul spoke about issues concerning privacy, national debt, and the price of education. Paul gave insight into what he would do differently if elected into office, earning nods of agreement from his audience.

The overall goal for the tour was to show students that their vote does matter, according to Paul.

His strategy to appeal to the college demographic was evident playing popular music while students took their seats, showing a video of college students discussing what they want for the future of this country, and sporting jeans with a dress shirt and tie (a popular fashion trend among young adults).

Paul began by speaking about the issue of national debt and says the problem with Washington is not disagreement between the houses, but rather agreement:

“The right is always saying, ‘We want more money for the military,’ and the left is saying, ‘We want more money for domestic spending and welfare.’ And what happens? Agreement,” Paul said. “They all get together and agree. That’s why we’re bankrupt.”

He continued to discuss the topic of national debt and what should be done to change spending habits in Washington. Paul says that someone needs to “challenge the status quo” and redefine what America should be spending its money on, something he is willing to do if elected.
These bold statements are attracting students and adults alike to Paul’s campaign.

“I knew that he stood for a lot of individual liberties and doesn’t like the government. He’s a big proponent of individual American rights,” freshman Jacob Heath said Wednesday. “I haven’t really decided [who I’m supporting], but I like what he has to say. It makes sense.”

Paul’s campaign tour contacted BVU in order to create the event on campus. They came into contact with event services who directed the campaign tour to the President and Vice President of the College Republicans, Matt Meiners and Chase Werden.

Meiners and Werden have hosted one other political candidate this year, Carly Fiorina, and hope the frequent visits by candidates will raise student’s interest in participating in the caucuses and soon after, the election.

“We’re trying to bring as many candidates here to Storm Lake, Iowa, so that’s our goal for this semester,” Werden said.

The campaign tour visited 11 schools beginning with Coe College on October 11, and ended with Drake University on Wednesday October 14.