Sodexo implements new register system and “to go” meals



Aaron Nicholaisen | Staff Writer

At the start of the fall semester, Sodexo upgraded its register system and introduced new reusable food containers for student purchase.

The Sodexo scanning system needed updating to help effectively obtain a count of students during the Point of Sale (POS).

Previously, students were allowed to individually scan their own ID cards upon entrance to the serve; however, this year the register attendant will be scanning each card instead of having the students scan in themselves.

According to many student accounts, this change has slowed down the line during the noon hour for the past few weeks, creating lines that reach an approximate 25-yard range to the information desk at the end of the hall.

General Manager for Sodexo, Ken Allen, is aware of the noon rush and long lines due to the slow down at the register.

Recently, Allen added another mobile register at the entrance of the serve to help with the congestion. The second register will be staffed Monday through Friday during lunch.

“The busiest time is over the noon hour, but our focus is the students,” Allen said.
The Sodexo staff is required to validate students, checking whether the picture matches the person to eliminate possible abuse of the University’s dining system. Because the system takes 2-3 seconds to recognize a card, it causes the slowdown, but it also helps ensure each card is properly registered.

Another change this fall at Sodexo is the new “to-go” meal program for students.

Many times students are in a rush or simply have class during meal times. This program allows students to purchase a plastic, reusable container for $5.

The container can be filled with food during normal serving times and be taken with the student to eat at a later time. When the student is finished, he or she may simply take the container to the dish return. Upon return of the container, the student will be given a chip which can be used to receive another container for future usage.

If the student wishes, the chip can also be redeemed for a $5 value at the coffee shop, the afternoon grill or the late-night grill.

Allen said if students are interested in purchasing a reusable food container, contact him in the servery.