BVU’s Presidential Search Update



Megan Beck | Assistant News Editor

Since President Fred Moore announced his resignation last September, Buena Vista University’s Search Committee comprised of board members, faculty, staff, and one student, have been working hard to find someone to become the 18th president. Beginning with a large pool of applicants, it has finally been narrowed down to four. This past week there have been open sessions and receptions for students and faculty to interview and meet each candidate.

Katelyn Brinkerhoff has attended all of these sessions as a Student Body President. There are many important things she and the search committee are looking for in the new president, but one of the most important qualities is someone who can relate and connect to the students. They are seeking someone who is willing to get to know students instead of looking at BVU at a business level.

“The big deciding factor for myself and the student body is the relationships that the candidates are willing to build with us,” Brinkerhoff explained.

Although fundraising and business abilities are important, it appears the constant trait people are looking for in the new president is the ability to build connections with students. BVU is known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere and is something no one wants to go away. Another important aspect of BVU is the traditional president’s dinner. All candidates have agreed that this is something that makes BVU unique and said they want to continue this tradition.

Here is what some other students and faculty had to say:

“I believe it needs to be someone who views BVU as a place of education and opportunity, not as a bureaucratic institution,” said first year student London VanHorbeck.

“The most important thing for me is someone who actually cares about BVU and doesn’t view the position as just a job because it is so much more than that,” said first year student Skylar Finch.

“Each candidate brings different things to the table. Some are more student centered and focused on relationships while others focused are fundraising,” said Lori Berglund.

All students are encouraged to review each candidates’ CV and cover letter, which are accessible on beavernet. The new president of BVU is expected to be announced before spring break in March.

Update: On the morning of Monday, February 6, 2017 it was announced that one of the candidates withdrew from the running.

Photo by Megan Beck