Off-Campus Living


Kacee Baker , Staff Writer

Many people would consider living on campus an essential part of the college experience. The independence, excitement, and community that come along with dorm-living are great for many students. However, for non-traditional students, people with family in town, or students who are ready to find their own houses or apartments, commuting to campus is a great option.

I’m from Storm Lake and have lived at home with my family for almost all of my four years at BV. I lived in the dorm my first semester, but moved home when I decided that saving money while living in a larger space would be great, even though I would have to commute and would be less involved in the campus community. Although there are pros and cons to living off campus, it should be an option for every student.


  • Saves Money
    • According to the BVU website, room and board for the 2017-2018 academic year will cost $9,490. People from Storm Lake and the surrounding area can save a lot of money by living at home. Students who want to live off campus can also probably find an apartment for around the same price.
  • More Space
    • One of the biggest cons of living in the residence halls is that dorms are small and cramped. Students who live off campus will generally have more space, either in a larger apartment or in their family’s home. In addition, commuting can give students some much needed distance from the stresses of social and academic life on campus.


  • Have to Commute
    • For some people, commuting might be a big con of living off campus. If someone is unable to find an apartment in Storm Lake, doesn’t have a car, or doesn’t want to drive to and from school, living off campus would be a burden.
  • Less Involved in Campus Life
    • The one thing I don’t like about living off campus is that I often feel distanced from social activities that occur at BV. For people who love attending campus events, going to parties, and being near their friends and peers at all times, living off campus would not be ideal.

While living off campus isn’t the best fit for every student, I’ve loved living at home while in college. While many people might say I’ve missed out on an important part of the college experience by not living on campus, I’ve gotten a great education and made some awesome friends while also spending time at home with my family and saving money.