Stranger Things Returns


Allyssa Ertz, Arts & Life Editor

The eerie phenomenon of Stranger Things returned on October 27, 2017 on Netflix with Stranger Things 2.  The new addition to the series captured attention once again with the same unnatural, otherworldly aura that took the world by storm in 2016.  The series is set in the 1980s in the Midwest, and focuses on supernatural events in the town of Hawkins, Indiana.

In the first season, a young boy named Will disappears.  His mother tries extremely hard to have the police chief pursue an investigation, but he is not very compliant.  Will’s mother, Joyce, begins to see several events occur in her life that she compiles together that include Will’s attempts at communicating with her, and Will’s friends pursue the task of finding Will themselves.

Will’s friends end up finding a girl who is deemed to have the name Eleven, who is an important addition to the crazy, spectral chain of events.  When found, Eleven is bald, in a hospital gown, and has strange powers.  She is on the run from a monster, and this coincides with Will’s disappearance.  The searching team takes this strange girl in, and terrifying events continue to haunt the town of Hawkins.

Will’s abduction into another dimension is what is the main event that begins this strange phenomenon.  The monsters that come out of this portal and terrorize the town are the mysterious main point of the season, and no more will be shared through this summary due to spoilers.  But, the unworldly aspect of these events keeps viewers on their toes.

The second season of this Netflix series branches off of this beginning plot into more forces affecting the town that get even worse as shows continue.  Will’s disappearance was just the beginning in terms of the supernatural effects that occurred.  Season two focuses on the effects of the past trauma that events have caused, sticks with a lot of the same characters, and has a new storyline in the same world.

There are new challenges that these characters have to take on, and new monsters that they have to be ready to go up against.  This second season sticks with the same thrilling ideas from the first, but classily branches off into new directions.  People are excited about it, and some have already been through it.

Sophomore Sydney Gunderson had already seen the first season, and loved it.  She has not found the chance to get to the next yet.

“I found the first season extremely intriguing last year.  It had lots of twists and turns, which were unexpected and kept me interested in the show.  I can’t wait to see the new additions that season two brings,” says Gunderson.

Other people who I have spoken to have already watched the second season, and could not keep away from it.  Freshman Devan Gary is one of these, and was intrigued by the turns the new season took.

“I’ve seen both seasons of Stranger Things.  It’s one of the coolest shows I’ve ever seen.  I watched all of season two in a single day.”  voiced Gary.

I myself plan to take on the task of watching Stranger Things 2.  The uniqueness of the supernatural events are fascinating and definitely make the second season sound worth watching.  Everyone I have spoke to about Stranger Things definitely have made the show out to sound 100% worth watching.