AG’s Game Center: Random Thoughts

Anthony Gallagher, Blogger

Hello friends, 

Beaver Nation, I hope you had a great Homecoming week. The highlight of the week had to be the volleyball squad with an electric 5-set win over conference-leader Dubuque. Once the fall sports end, be sure to tune in as I will give out a few awards for best moments of the fall. 

Go Beavers! 

I have witnessed a lot of great moments in sports throughout my life. My number one is the Cubs winning the World Series. 

Something came really close to over taking the top spot: A few weeks back, Tiger Woods, the best pure golfer of all-time, won a tournament again for the first-time since 2013. It was electric as Tiger walked up to number 18, the last hole, followed by a sea of fans. It was special to see Tiger playing so well, and I got chills as he threw his hands in the air after he won the tournament. As a golfer and a person who loves the game of golf, I was excited to see Tiger win again.  

Also, I saw one of the worst moments ever when Iowa struggled against Wisconsin. Iowa didn’t play badly and was in position to win the game. The loss hurts and now the Hawks will need a lot of help to overtake Wisconsin in the Big10 West.   

Also, Nebraska still hasn’t won a game. How awesome is that? I’m sure in a few years they might win.  

How about the Los Angeles Rams? I have always been a fan since I was born; literally, my mom chose the Rams as my favorite team. They are no doubt, top to bottom, the best team in the National Football League. I should say that since every prediction I have made hasn’t aged well. If the Rams don’t win again, it’s my bad.  

In news unrelated to sports, I have started a show on Netflix and if you have been around me in the last month it’s about all I talk about. The show is called The 100.  I want to give credit to suitemates Connor Winkelman and Brady Dicks as they are the two who got me hooked. The show has a good mix of action and meaningful moments. The 100 is a show that will pull you out of your seat then leave you in a mess seconds later. It isn’t a well-known show, but it is on Netflix and if you have 9 hours and 6 minutes you can watch season one.  

How do I know this? Because my roommate from last year, Ryan Ruzek, watched all 9 HOURS and 6 MINUTES in one day. If you ever walk by McCorkle Room 8 and hear some guys going nuts, it is just me and Jake Thompson yelling at the TV.  

Thanks again for reading. I hope you enjoy.  

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