30 things to do instead of looking at your phone 


Alex Galloway , Staff Writer

We live in an era of constant phone checking. Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, playing with filters on Snapchat, and checking Twitter are things some people do for hours on end. According to data released in 2017 by the analytics firm Flurry, the average American spends up to 5 hours a day on their phone. That’s 35 hours a week and 140 hours a month that we are wasting on our phones! Truth is, cell phones run people’s lives. We need to look up from our phones and take in the world around us. There’s so much to do and see instead of staring at your cell phone. Here are 30 things you can do instead. 

  1. Read a book 
  2. Visit your grandma  
  3. Clean your room 
  4. Take a walk 
  5. Go window shopping 
  6. Go through your closet 
  7. Donate clothes  
  8. Take a yoga class 
  9. Visit a farmer’s market 
  10. Volunteer 
  11. Rearrange your bedroom, office, etc. 
  12. Learn to cook something you’ve never had before  
  13. Paint a picture 
  14. Go for a bike ride 
  15. Go to the gym 
  16. Make a bucket list 
  17. Visit an art gallery  
  18. Get a tattoo 
  19. Have a spa day 
  20. Go ice skating or roller skating 
  21. Take a nap 
  22. Go exploring  
  23. Solve a sudoku/crossword 
  24. Meditate 
  25. Cuddle with your dog 
  26. Write in a journal 
  27. Play a board game 
  28. Listen to music 
  29. Take a bubble bath 
  30. Hang out with friends/family