Spring 2019 Internship Showcase


Olivia Wieseler

Isabel Haas, Arts & Life Editor

On Feb. 5, students had the opportunity to present about their own internships at Buena Vista University’s Spring Internship Showcase, arranged by the Career and Personal Development Office. Each student was able to share where their internship took place, what their responsibilities consisted of, and what each of them gained from their time as an intern.  

Jordyn Daggs-Olson, a sophomore strategic public relations major, interned with the Minnesota Vikings last fall, commuting to the Vikings stadium and working with press representatives at each game she attended. Daggs-Olson walked away from her internship knowing that she wanted to pursue a career working with the NFL. 

 “From my internship, I learned that I enjoy being in a fast pace environment and that I really want to pursue the sports marketing PR,” Daggs-Olson explained.  

2017 graduate of Buena Vista University Haley Kohlmeyer completed an internship with Signs of Love while she was a student and traveled abroad to four deaf schools in a two-week span. From her internship, Kohlmeyer was able to learn more about the deaf community and enhance her sign language knowledge. She currently works as an elementary school teacher, where she has the opportunity to utilize her sign language skills in teaching students that are hard of hearing.  

Brandon Gleinke, a senior majoring in corporate mathematics and accounting, interned with Williams and Company. Not only did Gleinke work closely and make connections with professionals in his career path, he was also able to walk away with improved skills in public accounting. After completing his internship, Gleinke was offered a position at William and Company and plans to begin working there after graduation.   

Senior exercise science major Kassidy Chandler had the opportunity to intern at two different locations: Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency (PLAEA), and Nicholson Physical Therapy. Working with PLAEA, Chandler commuted to both the schools and homes of children, working to fine tune their motor skills. At Nicholson Physical Therapy, Chandler watched physical therapists work with patients to regain strength through different exercises and therapy methods. From this internship, Chandler was able to gain a better understanding of what she sees as her future career.   

Tiffany Hull, a 2018 BVU graduate, had the opportunity to intern with the Family Treatment Court in Buena Vista County while she was a student.  During her time as an intern, she was responsible for planning a symposium for professionals to learn about what the program offered. Hull’s internship experience helped to narrow down her interests and decide on her current career path. 

 Matthew Swanson, a senior computer science major, interned with the Principal Financial Group in both 2017 and 2018. Swanson was responsible for distribute and troubleshoot technology, among other tasks. Swanson’s internship allowed him to network and build strong professional relationships that have landed him a job offer, which he plans to begin after graduation.  

Seniors Amanda Miley, Kimberly Hults, and Brittany Fisher—two biology majors and a biomedical major, respectively—had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and work with Hope Ministries. The three seniors worked at outreach clinics: providing free medical care, visiting orphanages where they taught young children about their health, going on hospice rounds, and much more. Through their internship, Miley, Hults, and Fisher gained countless cultural experiences and hands-on medical experiences.   

“I got the experience to immerse myself in another culture because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone,” Miley explained. “I learned a lot and I had so many new networking opportunities with the doctors who were there.”  

Alan Maldonado, senior Spanish and Business major, traveled to Sevilla, Spain and interned with the “Mujeres entre Mundos.” Maldonado performed social services and marketing work, as well as acting as a translator for the non-profit organization. Alan worked closely with professionals in Sevilla and built networking connections, gaining a lot of cultural experience in the process.  

Some students stayed close to home while others travelled far and wide, but each of them was able to walk away with newfound skills, experiences, and industry connections, and it is only through these internships that they were able to gain these benefits.