Beebe Breaks State Records


Aubrey Anderson, Social Media Manager

On March 13, Garrett Beebe competed at the Iowa State Championships for weight lifting in Bettendorf, IA, breaking seven state records. Beebe is a senior computer science major at Buena Vista University and  comes from Griswold, IA. He competed in the junior 120kg class and received the title “Best Raw Male Lifter.” 

At the Iowa State Championship, there were about 54 competitors ranging in age and weight classes.  

“It had everything from Teen I division which is 14 to 15, to the oldest guy, I think was 72 and still lifting,” said Beebe.  

Beebe has been lifting since 8th grade when he began playing football and lifted during trainingHe started to like lifting when he saw himself getting stronger, making him feel healthier and more confident. With the help of a couple friends and a coach in high school, Beebe continued training with the ultimate goal of getting his name on Buena Vista University’s record board. However, he is not officially considered an athlete on BVU’s campus.  

Officially, as far as BV goes, I’m not an athlete. And I want to put my name on that board but I couldn’t because I am not officially an athlete,” Beebe said. “I wanted to find a bigger board – a more important board – the state record board, as a matter of fact.”  

The journey to getting his name on a record board took Beebe to the Iowa State Championship where he broke 7 out of 11 possible records in the open and junior categories. He broke the following: 

  • Raw Junior – Bench Press 
  • Raw Junior – Bench Press Single Lift 
  • Raw Junior – Deadlift 
  • Raw Junior – Total  
  • Open – Bench 
  • Open – Bench Press Single Lift 
  • Open – Total Push-Pull  

With the Collegiate Nationals coming up, Beebe has his sights set on breaking the remaining two records in the junior category.  

If I do well at this next meet, I have potential to take two more records,” said Beebe. “And that would be the open total record and the junior squat record. Which means I clean sweep Iowa State junior records. I would have all of them. I could say I am literally the best junior, 120 kg lifter in the state of IA. 

With hopes high for his next competition, Beebe remains focused by reflecting on one of his favorite quotes, ‘There is no shame in being weak. There is shame in staying weak.’  

“I really like it,” Beebe said. “Just to always try for improvement in every aspect in life.” 

Beebe looks forward to showcasing his improvement at the Collegiate Nationals on April 15.