New Clubs for Fall of 2019

Isabel Haas, Arts & Life Editor

With the academic school year coming to a close, there are a few students planning for the future by working to create several new student organizations that will begin in the 2019 fall semester at Buena Vista University. 


With over 50 student organizations already established at BVU, four individuals plan to bring three new, different, and unique clubs to students of BVUoffering opportunities to build lasting relationships among their members. 


Noah Bardwell, a junior computer science major, and Sam McLachlan, a junior music production major, are working to bring student organization called Recording and Performance to BVU students.   


“We’re trying to get the music community that’s on campus and in Storm Lake together,” said McLachlan. We wanted to create an environment where any student, whether they’re a music major or not, can join the club and do something different. What we’re going to do is perform around campus and in the community, and record music in the music studio.”  


Starting in the fall of 2019, Bardwell and McLachlan will be the active co-presidents of Recording and Performance. 


“Even if people aren’t super involved with music right now, and they want to join to learn some new things about recording music and producing it, we still encourage them to check us out,” Bardwell stated.   


In addition to Recording and Performance, Dalton Machholz, a sophomore English and history double major, plans to create the Its All Write Society, a student organization focused on creative writing. 


The It’s All Write Society is going to be a creative writing group, and we’re going to expand the creative writing community here at BV. We’re hoping to bring in speakers and do some workshops with the English department,” said Machholz. 


Machholz says that the It’s All Write Society already has a full executive board in place, with Machholz taking the role of the student organization’s first president.  


Joe Thede, a junior criminal justice major, will be bringing another student organization to BVU in the fall of 2019. As president of Criminal Justice and CriminologyThede already has plans for the following semesters of his new student organization. 


“For next year, I plan to attend the annual ACJS meeting, which is where a lot of people in the criminal justice world go and present their research,” Thede said. “I also want to get with the local police department and host fundraisers that we will both hopefully benefit from.” 


In addition to collaborating with the Storm Lake Police Department, Thede plans to create connections between members of the organization and BVU alumni.  


Next semester, BVU will gain three new student organizations, each with ambitious student leaders who have crafted and implemented plans to include students of like-minded interests. Starting in the fall, BVU students will have much to look forward to from the Recording and PerformanceIt’s All Write Society, and Criminal Justice and Criminology student organizations