BVU Campus Meal Plan Updates


Isabel Haas, Opinion Editor

Over the summer, Sodexo worked to update the different meal plan options that are made available to BVU students. The new and updated meal plan layout is as follows: 

Marquee Plan– unlimited meals, 7 days per week + $50 Beaver points per semester 

10 Plan– any 10 meals, 7 days per week + $30 Beaver points per semester  

12 Plan any 12 meals, 7 day per week +$175 Beaver points per semester                   

14 Plan- any 14 meals, 7 days per week + $175 Beaver points per semester 

Commuter Plan- (available to commuter students only)  

The Commuter Plan allows students the flexibly to eat on campus during lunch or dinner, which can make a big difference for a lot of students. The Commuter Plan was not available before this semester and it has made it easier for all students to stay on campus during mealtimes. As someone who was a commuter student for a year, and who did not have the option of purchasing a meal plan, it wasn’t ideal to drive home for 45 minutes to eat a meal and then come back to campus. There is also nowhere for commuter students to properly store their food while in classes, which again can make it difficult for students to stay on campus for lunch. The addition of the Commuter Plan was made in advocacy of commuter student, and I think it was a great move from Sodexo. 

The amount of Beaver Bucks offered for each meal plan was another change that Sodexo made this summer, and I also think that this was a great way to reach students with varying needs! Since the Serve is only open for a few hours during mealtimes, it can be difficult to eat lunch or dinner when students have other engagements (such as work or meetings). With CRU5H being introduced last semester, and Beaver Bucks offering as an alternative form of payment, students are able to utilize their Beaver Bucks to pay for meals outside the Serve.  

Overall, it seems that Sodexo saw a need in their students and took the initiative to make the changes in the meal plans they offered. As someone who buys tater tots regularly, I really appreciate the extra Beaver Bucks in my account! Good job Sodexo!