Five Reasons for Why Fall is Obviously the Best Season


Lena Gripp, Assistant Opinion Editor

When being asked the question, “What’s the best season?”, there is only one reasonable answer: fall.  It’s the only season that has two names for it (fall and autumn) because it’s too great to be constricted into only having one name.  I’ve compiled this list of reasons that prove why fall is obviously the best season! 

  1. Mild temperatures with a cool breeze:
    • When I think of fall, I think of crisp, cool breezes.  This means that it’s time to break out nice sweaters, oversized sweatshirts, scarves, and UGGS. 
    • Also, the leaves are changing color and falling, which make for great photo opportunities, shuffling your feet through, and jumping into piles 
    • Harvest 
  2. The two holidays before winter’s jolly day… Halloween is coming up, and so is Thanksgiving!
    1. Halloween means: 
      • Candy
      • Spooky season parties 
      • Halloween movie marathons (Disney, Charlie Brown, classic horror films, etc.)
    2. Thanksgiving means: 
      • Food 
      • Family 
      • Friends 
      • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade
  3. The foods of fall: 
    • Pumpkin pie 
    • Baked pumpkin seeds 
    • Pecan pie 
    • Apple pie 
  4. Since we’ve already discussed fall foods, it’s only fair that we touch on warm, fall drinks: 
    • Apple cider 
    • Pumpkin spice lattes 
  5. Fall activities: 
    • Pumpkin patches 
    • Carving pumpkins 
    • Corn mazes 
    • Apple orchards 
    • Hayrides