iPhone vs. Android


Photo by: Lena Gripp

Lena Gripp, Assistant Opinion Editor

iPhone or Android.  Some users switch back and forth when new models arise, and some people are die-hard for their favorite phones.  The debate for which phone with its corresponding operating system is better may never come to a consensus.  But here are a few points to help you out to decide which may suit your fancy more if you’re in the market for a new phone. 


  • More user-friendly 
  • System slows down after new iPhones are introduced 
  • Easier to find cases for 
  • Backs up more of your stored content 
  • Apps are sometimes released to iPhones before Androids 
  • Faster operating system and updates are more frequent 
  • Stored data is more secure, more privacy options are offeredand better options for parental control are also offered 
  • Apple provides centralized customer support in comparison to Androids who offer phones from several different brands 


  • More customizableand provides a lot more flexibility and freedom of choice for use 
  • Apple is proprietary, meaning that everything will be more expensive, and Android doesn’t use proprietary hardware, like “dongles” like Apple, so you are still free to use options like headphone jacks 
  • Uses USB-C fast charging, but for a fraction of the cost of Apple products 
  • More options for widgets and changing up how your home screen appears 
  • Heftier storage options within the phone, compared to Apple who depends strongly on iCloud 
  • Many phone brands offer the ability of easy battery removal 
  • Models are typically more affordable 
  • Often, some apps that may cost money in the App Store, are free in the Google Play Store

 And the end-all-be-all debate, WHO HAS THE BETTER CAMERA…?  That question is and may forever be up for debate!