The Most Embarrassing Moments to Happen in Life 

Chase Winterboer, Staff Writer

Have you ever found yourself in a moment when all eyes lie upon you and your shining red face, but you can’t do anything about it? Or think about the awkward moments everyone has during a conversation. Today, I will be discussing the most embarrassing moments any human can experience throughout their lifetime. Whether these topics have applied to your life or not, you will be entertained by the numerous amounts of moments people never want to speak about. Let’s get to it. 

1. Tripping up the stairs 

One of the most embarrassing moments anyone can go through may consist when tripping while you are walking up the stairs. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking up the stairs in high school or even in my own house, and the slight slip of my foot would cause my heart to drop. Imagine people walking to the side of you and behind you then all the sudden, you instantly biff it. Everyone’s first reaction is to laugh. I am convinced nobody thinks, “maybe I see if that person is okay.” From the rest your walk to wherever you are going, you don’t want anyone to speak a word to you.  

2. Thinking you know a stranger 

The second most embarrassing moment a human can go through, is waving/talking to a stranger you thought you knew. How many times have you tried waving or saying hi to your friends, but then suddenly it turns into a cringed look from a stranger? I have had this happen sadly more than once before in my lifetime. I will never forget one year I was in Florida, and I was one hundred percent convinced I saw our family friends pull into a parking spot. Silly me decides to get out of my comfort zone and beginning directing this random family I have never came across before in my life to an open parking spot. Sure enough, as the car approaches, I get a glimpse at the driver and my face became a tomato. Let’s say my family never let me live it down. 

3. Walking into same direction as other person 

The next embarrassing moment occurs when you try walking past someone, but you accidentally walk into the same direction as the other person. You purposely try avoiding getting in their path, but they have the same mind as you making them act identical. The worst case takes place when you and this other person continuously move left to right and can’t find a way to simply pass each other. I couldn’t imagine how many times would you think a normal midwestern place would say, “ope,” during that five second span. I have learned from past experiences to walk in a straight-line showing confidence when approaching a crowd or person coming at you. There are no studies shown, but to my past experiences, ninety percent of people will slide out of your way at the last possible second to avoid creating contact. Hopefully you can use this strategy next time you find yourself in this scenario. 

4. Liking an old social media post 

The last most embarrassing moment a person can experience in life ranking on this list occurs when you are stalking someone’s profile on social media, but you accidentally like a post from over a year ago. The instance your finger accidentally touches the screen, your heart drops from out of your body; Think of this moment happening with your crush. Disappointedly, I must admit this may have happened to me before. After you commit this shameful act, you immediately think of a way to recover. Not knowing what to do at the time, I went ahead and liked all my crushes past pictures because you can’t just like one right?  

There is unlimited amount of embarrassing moments people experience on the daily, but I hope you enjoyed a few on this list. I hope everyone could relate to at least one of these scenarios on this and draw a laugh from these stories. I encourage everyone to enjoy life next time an embarrassing moment happens. You might want to crawl into a hole after embarrassing yourself, but enjoy life and don’t be afraid to smile because it happens to everyone.