Time to Take COVID-19 Seriously


Damen Khamdaeng

Joceline Medina, Staff Writer

It’s been more than eight months since COVID-19 made its first appearance in the United States. What started out as a relatively normal year, developed into chaos. Naturally, no one knew how to react to such a circumstance. With the passage of time, several strategies to prevent the spread of the virus were circulated. Soon enough, a majority of the country was taking precautions.

As a country, we have been dispossessed from our normal lives. It is natural to feel infuriated, disappointed and hurt. We all wish no more than to return to ordinary life, but we can’t have that until we ensure the safety of others. That leads me to the purpose of this article.  

It’s rumored that students have been withholding their COVID-19 symptoms to remain on campus. Not only is this selfish, but it is minimizing the chances of staying on campus for the rest of the semester, by encouraging the spread of the virus. With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the probability of finishing our fall semester at home is very likely.

To be expected, there are those that choose to repudiate the severity of the virus. Based on the reactions of my high school classmates at the time, the emergence of the pandemic wasn’t taken seriously. Many people assumed that the newfound COVID-19 was inferior to the flu. With no sign of a vaccine being produced, the virus had imposed a threat to our country and our education

Before we knew it, we were all put into months of quarantine which caused mass hysteria.  

Millions of people were scurrying to get the resources they needed. Many major events were rescheduled, including student’s senior prom and graduation. Not to mention, a large quantity of Americans were laid off from their jobs, including me. At that moment in time, it felt like the end of the world. Fortunately, this wasn’t true, considering that we are still here. While the pandemic hasn’t vanished, we found ways to cope with its presence.   

Despite the disorder from the preceding months, students were given the opportunity to continue their education on campus. As expected, this semester had to undergo some changes, one being the new room policies. Because of the sudden spike in positive cases throughout campus, it was decided that students were no longer allowed to visit other rooms or suites. This also meant that family members were prohibited from visiting. If the number of cases continues to rise, then the possibility of being sent home will increase.

Neither you nor I want to leave campus, so what can we do to prevent this from happening?  

Besides wearing your masks, staying socially distanced, and properly washing your hands; be a decent human being by staying home if you are experiencing symptoms. Your group hangout can wait. It’s been proven by the CDC that doing as little as wearing a mask in public will reduce the spread of the disease. Remember, the health and safety of everyone, including your own, should always be a top priority.