Series of 3: The Puzzling Facets of Me

Blake McMillan, Co-Editor in Chief

These are the puzzle pieces that make up me.

In my advanced photo class, I was challenged to create a series of three photos that narrate an idea or story. While getting ready to go out — pink light on, a mess across my table — I stopped to photograph my room. It felt like Blake. From the mess, there are glimmers of escapism: Lady Gaga lyrics to a Star Wars novels.

Music and literature are what scooped me up and took me away when I was closeted, so it’s no question that to tell the puzzling story of Blake is one of stories. Maybe I am a mosaic of stories, and that is why I love to tell them. They are only three frames but I hope you properly get a sense of who I am and where I go everyday to call my own home here on BVU’s campus.