BVU Fishing Club: Hooked on a Reel Good Time


Max Murphy, Staff

During the early stages of COVID-19, finding something to do was tough. It seemed as if the only option was to go outside with friends in an attempt to make the most out of what the environment had to offer. A couple of students at Buena Vista University (BVU) saw this as an opportunity to initiate an activity that they believed was underutilized by the student body. So, the BVU Fishing Club was born. 

Pictured: President, Riley Flint

“It all started last year in 2021, at track practice. A couple of us were talking about what we like to do and ended up talking about fishing. We all thought that since we like fishing why not start a fishing club? Next Fall, we got the club up and running,” said Riley Flint, the creator and current President of the club. 

This common interest among students allowed for one of the most popular clubs on campus to be created, with over 100 members now involved. “I’ve fished for pretty much my entire life. I’ve always really enjoyed it. When I came to Storm Lake, I noticed the beautiful lake we have here right away. It’s cool to see people have the same interest in the lake and fishing as me,” Flint added. 

Vice President of the club, Spencer Hunt, has always had a passion for fishing and said his earliest memory of fishing was, “…when I was about 12, my uncle took us to a little pond where we sat out for probably two to three hours. I remember I finally caught a little bluegill, and I was the happiest guy ever.”  

This mutual love for fishing continued to grow alongside the evolution of the club and Hunt described how he is thankful that the club, “…connects me with other guys who like fishing.” Hunt elaborated by also saying, “It just fuels my passion for fishing and gets me behind the business side of the club… putting together events and creating things for other people who have similar passions as I do.” 

Pictured: Vice President, Spencer Hunt

The club has already had a couple of tournaments this year to get their members together for prizes and to socialize. The most unusual tournament to date came from a direct challenge from BVU President, Brian Lenzmeier. This competition took place at President Lenzmeier’s house on the lake, and everyone was to compete against him. A deal was made that, if someone caught more fish than Lenzmeier, then he would purchase food for everyone at the competition from the on-campus grill called Crush. This challenge backfired on the president as the students of the club ended up winning.  

On Sunday, Oct. 16, the BVU Fishing Club will be hosting a local tournament. Check-in for the tournament will start at 7:45 a.m. at the recreational house on campus. The tournament is a speed challenge because it is only two hours long. It will take place from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. All participants will look to catch various fish like walleye and largemouth bass.  

Flint said, “It is open to the public and free entry. We are going to be giving outdoor prizes and prizes for the biggest fish caught too. We are hoping for a good showing.”