Ready For the Role

Ready For the Role

When people take on new roles, it can be overwhelming. That was not the case for Amy Maier. Maier, having worked for Buena Vista for a decade, learned that she would be assuming the role of interim athletic director on August 1 of this year. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, she was ready for the role.

“I was happy to step into the interim role. I’ve obviously been here for almost a decade. I have had my hand in mostly every aspect of the athletic department, so it was a natural transition,” Maier said.

Maier had been the assistant athletic director for most of her time at BV and became the associate director of athletics two years before her current role. She has been all over the place in the athletic department and taken on all opportunities with no hesitation.

“I have learned a lot and have had the opportunity to do a lot. I think I have taken every opportunity I have had to know the role and have had brief moments where I had stepped into a similar position when there have been previous staffing changes,” Maier said.

There was no time to waste for Maier once she received the news. With it being early August and school coming up, it was important for her to stay consistent. By this time, student athletes were starting to move in. It was her responsibility to make sure the department was ready for the arrival of the students.

Maier not only prioritizes students, but the coaches as well. Providing a positive environment for the coaches is something that she strives for. Assistant Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach, Steve Eddie, can attest to how much Maier cares about the department.

“She is what BV is all about. She knows how to get stuff done. She knows the ins and outs of every sport. She knows the head coaches personally and how we are different,” Eddie said. “She would have twelve-hour days here on weekends and never once make it about her because she is such a giving person to each one of the coaches and the programs.”

With the school year well underway, Maier continues to move forward, overseeing all the athletics taking place this fall.

“This department and this campus mean a lot to me. An opportunity just to help the department get where we need to be for the year and keep moving forward and being successful and providing our student athletes and coaches with a great experience while they are here is important,” Maier said.

Day by day, Maier continues to grow in her leadership position. She looks forward to learning more about how to run the department and manage staff. Finding new ways to support the athletes and coaches to enhance their experience is at the top of her mind. With Maier taking the lead, the athletic department has a bright future.

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