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You know when you see an extremely put together outfit on someone and you think, “Teach me your ways!” Yeah, admit it, we have all felt like that! I thought it would be fun to show you one put together outfit each month and break down each piece in the outfit for you!

For September’s head-to-toe look, I thought I would put together an outfit that is perfect for the upcoming chilly weather. Whether you are going on a date (don’t worry, I don’t go on dates either), just want to look cute for class, or are taking pictures for your blog (just me?), this outfit would be perfect.

september headtotoe

Let’s break it down.

1. Black High Waisted Jeggings {American Eagle} // These high waisted jeans get plenty of use. The fit of American Eagle’s jeans always seems to be my favorite. This pair is not too high waisted to where I feel like a mom from the 90’s, but just enough to be up to trend. The fact that they are black allows them to be paired with just about any top. They are amazing. Go get yourself these jeans!

2. Black Tank {Forever 21} // Here is my quick plug on Forever 21 tank tops. They are literally $2.80 each. This is not a lie. I mean that is less than a Reese’s Flurry from the Villager (I would know). In other words, WHAT A STEAL? I own at least 10 Forever 21 tanks because of how cheap they are! They are comfy and come in every color imaginable!

3. Flannel {Posh Consignments} // Who isn’t obsessed with flannel right now? It screams fall! This flannel is a little bit dressier than a lot of the ones in stores but was made casual by my simple tank. I love the darker shades in this flannel for the fall time. Quick Tip: one of my favorite ways to style a flannel is to tie it around your waste! It’s a very multipurpose piece!

4. Cheetah Belt {Target} // Target is the BEST place to find affordable accessories. My cheetah belt is another piece I wear often, because as I have said before, cheetah print acts as a neutral. I love throwing it on even when I am wearing another pattern (plaid in this outfit). It just adds a little pop of interest!

5. Beanie {Sugar Bowl Gift Shop} // You know those girls that look so darn cute in hats? That’s not me. BUT I still wear them occasionally. This particular one is flattering because of how large it is. I like to wear it really slouchy so it looks a little bit effortless (when in reality it probably took me 20 minutes to get it to stay on my head exactly how I wanted it). The cream color goes with a lot, but Sugar Bowl in Storm Lake has so many amazing fall colors in this style!

6. Red Converse {DSW} // Right now Converse are all the hype. They can be worn with sweats, jeans, or dresses. I love the versatility of them. I think the red color pulls out the red in the flannel and adds a bit of spunk to the outfit. Other popular colors of Converse right now are white and navy. I think those two colors are safe because they can be worn in many ways!

I hope this simple outfit may spark your fashion imagination!

Hope you enjoyed!
Thanks so much for reading!

Graphic by Justice Gage